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[Word for word Q&A TRANS6 FINAL] Starmedia Team Met Actor #김재중: Korean Cuisine Chef Kim Jaejoong wants to have a thrilling date with a chubby girl!

S: Kim Jaejoong’s ideal type?

J: I like someone who is professional about her profession. And when it comes to her personal life, I want some one who is pure when we share our worries and feelings. I really don't have fixed ideal type… (Laugh.) I don’t have fixed preferences like innocent type or sexy type. (What about appearance?) I am on the skinny side so I wish the girl were not so skinny. Little chubby, instead of having volume. (Laugh.)

S: Relationship style?

J: I think it requires just the right amount of tension. In other words needs effort. Not sure about after I get married. But when you are dating, I don't like becoming too comfortable with each other to the point where you are ok about meeting each other without washing your face. I strongly believe in this when I was younger. People say you get looser when you get older but for me age didn't make much difference. (Laugh.)

Kim Jaejoong decided to appear on KBS drama Spy, scheduled to air in January next year. He will play a genius information analyst. Bae Jongok is casted as his mother so the expectation is high on the chemistry between the two actors. His enlistment seems eminent, and he must need time to wrap things up. However, he says he wants to keep busy until that time. He is full of motivation; he wants to enlist after he is done with the drama and working on an album activity. He is also confident about military life, says he is strong and fit. “Everyday and night with you~” It has been 10 years since his debut, I can see him still shouting ‘Begin’ as the oldest of JYJ, solo artist and an established actor as I seen him before like in a dejavu.

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