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UNITED KINGDOM From Brexit to Sexit in the United Kingdom

The right hand of Theresa May, sitting next to her in the House of Commons. REUTERS
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After the resignation of Fallon, the sex scandal in Westminster puts on the ropes the number two of May, Damian Green

Michael Fallon resigns as British Minister of Defense after the sex scandal

A total of 36 deputies 'tories', on a blacklist of sexual abuse in Westminster

"Handler in the taxis". "Stump at parties". "Inappropriate behavior with women." "Perpetually drunk." "Known for using prostitutes." "He likes to make love with perfumed men like women." "He left an employee pregnant and forced her to have an abortion" ...It all started with a secret group on WhatsApp under the slogan "sex pest" ("sexual pest"). For months, the secretaries, the scholars, the assistants and the investigators of Westminster were collecting episodes of harassment and sexual abuse at the hands of their "señorías". The allegations came together in a "dirty dossier" in which up to 40 conservative deputies appear, including six members of the government team of Theresa May . The box of thunder has also opened in the Labor Party, with accusations of even rape a young militant.In the United Kingdom, nothing else is mentioned. The Brexit has given way to the Sexit, which has already caused the departure of Defense Minister Michael Fallon , and now stalks the very first number two of the "premier", Damian Green . These are so far the main protagonists of a scandal that is growing for days and threatens to provoke a real crisis of government at the critical moment of the negotiations with Brussels.

Damian Green, 61 years oldThe first secretary of state, incorporated by May as his right hand after the electoral debacle of June, may become the second major victim of Sexit. The Cabinet Office has opened an internal investigation and will testify on Monday to Kate Maltby, the conservative activist (30 years younger) who says that Green put his hand on his knee during a talk in a Waterloo pub and sent him an "insinuating" text after seeing a picture of him with a corset. The accusations of a former policeman Bob Quick have put Green in a double jeopardy situation. Quick has declared to 'The Sunday Times' that Scotland Yard found on the deputy's computer "extreme" pornographic material, in the course of a 2008 investigation related to the leakage of secret documents. Several conservative deputies have asked Theresa May to force her resignation in light of the new accusations.

Michael Fallon, 65 years oldHe resigned as Minister of Defense after acknowledging that his conduct "has fallen below the standards required by the Armed Forces." It was replaced within a few hours by the "neophyte" Gavin Williamson (famous for having a tarantula as a pet), although the ultimate cause of its fall continues to generate rivers of ink. Fallon felt an inevitable inclination for journalists. In the case of Julia Harley-Brewer (she alleged that she had put her hand on her knee 15 years ago), Jane Merrick joined (she supposedly tried to kiss her after having lunch together in 2003). His fall also has some internal revenge, orchestrated by the spokeswoman in Westminster of the Conservative Party, Andrea Leadsom, who has "remembered" these days the answer that Fallon gave him in a meeting of the parliamentary group,

Mark Garnier, 54 years oldThe high official of the Department of International Trade came to ask his former secretary, Caroline Edmonson, to buy him two "sex toys" and came to accompany her to a sex shop in Soho to fulfill the message. Edmonson herself has acknowledged that her boss used to call her "sugar tits" ("sweet tits").

Stephen Crabb, 44 years old The former secretary of Work and Pensions, father of two children and known for his religious convictions, resigned in 2016 for an episode of 'sexting'. In 2017 he revalidated his seat, and even then he seems to have relapsed in the old practice: he is accused this time of sending messages to a 19-year-old boy.

Charlie Elphicke, 46 years oldThe conservative deputy, a close associate of David Lidington in the Ministry for Europe in the run-up to the EU referendum, has been suspended after being reported to the police for alleged abuses by a young woman. Parliamentary 'Tories' Dan Poulter and Daniel Kawczynski have joined the list in the last few hours.

Kelvin Hopkins, 76 years oldThe veteran deputy, who became part of the team in the "shadow" of leader Jeremy Corbyn , has also been suspended this week after being accused of "inappropriate physical contact" and sending explicit messages to a young Labor activist.

Clive Lewis, 46 years oldOne of the most notorious critics of Brexit has also fallen into the increasingly dense network of sexual harassment. A young Labor activist has denounced a recent episode, occurred during the party conference in Brighton, in which Lewis took advantage of the presentation hug to indiscreetly touch his ass. In the same event, Lewis was heard saying: "Get on your knees, bitch", supposedly directed to another woman.

Victim: Bex Bailey, 25 years oldThe former member of the National Executive Committee of the Labor Party has accused a senior member of his party (the name has not been revealed) raping her when she was 19 years old, during a political act in 2011. Bailey says her co-religionists recommended not to report the incident so as not to jeopardize his political career.

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