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———Q: "Your Number" is a mellow RnB tune with soul flavors. This is the first time SHINee had done such type of song, so what are your impressions about it?

Onew: It's cool and stylish, and I felt various impressions about it, even wondering if we'll be able to present it well.

Key: So far, SHINee have tried out different genres, and I think there are some songs which proved to be difficult to sing for everyone. However, when we first heard "Your Number" we all thought it's a song that's easy to sing.

Minho: When we first heard the song, my reaction was that it's a good song. When we were rehearsing for the recording, we wanted to be able to sing it smoothly.

Taemin: I thought that of all the songs we've sung so far, I think this is the song with the best ambiance for me. Also, I think everyone was able to portray a mature side of SHINee (in this song).

———Q: Certainly, the singing and rap parts all have an adult-like feel.

Key: Our choreographer, Nakasone Rino-san, told us, "This song is not just for singing. Even the dance, from start to finish, we're acting it out". We observed the importance of facial expressions and gestures, keeping everything--the singing, dancing--in mind when we perform.

Taemin: Until now, we haven't really "acted" while singing, and that was difficult.

Onew: It was our first time, so we really paid a lot of attention to it.

Minho: Even the style is different from our previous songs, so it's a challenge to give the song and dance a fresh feeling.

———Q: The lyrics of the song is about love at first sight the moment when the heart starts skipping. Do you have any favorite phrases in the lyrics?

Onew: Mine is, "It's like time has stopped." Anyone who falls in love will feel that time goes by fast, right? I think the way it's expressed is lovely.

Minho: Mine is the part that goes, "Even when we avert our eyes we find ourselves looking at each other again." I think it expresses the protagonist's feelings well, and it's nice.

Key: Mine is the line I sang, "That fluttering moment when our skins touched, maybe you have realized it, too, Baby?" In that part, the other members act accordingly as if noticing something. I think it's fun when when it's viewed together with the dance.

Taemin: Mine is, "Even if it's a difficult book, you'll be able to read it since it's you. Since well, you have managed to read everything in my heart, right?" It's not a figure of speech used commonly in Korea, so the use of such lyrics feels unique to me. Even more, it just blends perfectly with the rest of the lyrics.

———Q: Then, in relation to the song title, please tell us about your favorite number or your lucky number.

Taemin: Mine is 17. It's my number for my first audition.

Key: Amazing, you remembered?

Taemin: Yes, that's why I love that number.

Onew: Mine is 2. My last name, Lee/Yi, has the same pronunciation as the Korean for "2" (t/n: Sino-Korean numerals used for money, dates, time, etc.). 2 has a less pressured feeling than one, so I like it. Also, the pronunciation "Lee/Yi" can also mean "tooth". LOL. It's an oyaji (old man) gag. Oh, if you say "oyajiiiiiiiiiiii", the last part is also "yi" (LOL).

Key: Onew-kun, that's too much (LOL). My favorite number is 7. During the filming for "Lucky Star" MV, for my costume I chose the number 7. I thought it was great, especially since it's Lucky Seven, right.

Minho: Since I was young, my favorite number is 10. When I first started physical training the number I drew was 10, it's also soccer's ace number. In addition to that, my lucky number is 99. It's not perfect like 100, but it's the biggest 2-digit number. Since a long time ago, I've thought of 99 as my lucky number.

———Q: Please tell us about "Your Number" dance points.

Onew: There is a part wherein while dancing, we make a move as if showing our namecard to the other.

Taemin: Since it's a gentle, smoothly flowing song, we were conscious about making our movements flexible, too. Both the singing and dancing has adjusted, muted tones, so the distribution (of movement) is difficult.

———Q: Even the music video, aside from dancing there are also date scenes. Please tell us about your filming episodes.

Key: It's been a while since we filmed a date scene, and a casual feeling came up. My scene was a fun scene but Taemin had skinship and other things, right? (LOL)

Taemin: Yes (LOL). I touched her hair, moved my face closer, and other things. But there aren't any kiss scenes (LOL).

Minho: I had a scene where I choose macarons with the girl, but the eating scene connects with Key's instead (LOL).

Onew: I don't have anything special in my case. We were just watching a movie while laughing. Moreso, I had to laugh while watching a musical where Key appears. It was the most difficult thing (LOL).

Key: Really?! (LOL)

———Q: LOL. Then let's talk about the coupling song, "LOVE". It's a song with gentle melody that straightforwardly expresses a vast amount of love. What kind of image do you have while singing it?

Key: We have sung a lot of ballads, but for me this song has the same feeling as UK rock genres in the year 2000s. Just by listening to it, you get a feeling of reminiscing memories of the olden days. It has a melody that's easy to sing with, and I think it's a song that you can sing along to while waving your hand, so I was looking forward to performing it on stage.

Onew: I exerted a lot of effort in singing it to show the honest feelings surrounding love.

Taemin: As for me, during the recording, I thought about how we're going to sing it as the last song of the concert, so somehow I sang it emotionally.

Minho: I wanted to sing as if enveloped in love, to be able to have a lot of people hear it, to be able to have people singing along with it during the concert.

———Q: And then, you carry out your 2-day concert, "SHINee World 2014 ~I'm You Boy~ Special in Tokyo Dome." How do you feel?

Taemin: First and foremost, we're happy. Since it's been our dream since our Japan debut.

Minho: I'm really happy and at first I couldn't even imagine that we're really doing it.

Key: Personally, instead of thinking, "Finally, it's Tokyo Dome!" it's more of thinking, "Will we really be able to do this?" At first there were such worries, but of course there's a feeling that we definitely have to make this a success.

Onew: As for me, the first time I heard it, I looked forward to it a lot, imagining the five of us standing on Tokyo Dome's stage. My steadily slowly rose.

———Q: Then, your impressions on actually finishing the dome concert?

Taemin: Since it's the last concert of a tour that started last year in September, we enchanted a lot of stage performances, and it's the concert that we wanted to perfect the most.

Minho: From start to end, we performed with the intention of giving everyone a fun and emotional concert.

Key: We thought we should show everything we've got from the roughly four years we had since our Japan debut.

Onew: Anyway, we wanted to have a concert that will make everyone thrilled.

———Q: Lastly, what is your next goal?

Onew: We still have places in Japan we've yet to visit, so we want to perform there, too. Also since we've done a dome concert for two days, somehow there's a bit of craving so someday, we also want to do a nationwide dome tour.

Minho: I feel the same.

Key: Also, the five of us intend to level up even more.

Taemin: Level up not only in dancing and singing, but also in Japanese.

Source: http://www.excite.co.jp/music/close_up/interview/1503_shinee/
Translator notes: The last few questions were stated in a way that insinuates that SHINee are done with their Tokyo Dome concert since this article is published post-concert. However, it seems the actual interview was done before the concert, so SHINee's answers were more of "we intend to" instead of in the past tense. I'm terribly confused on how to word the answers properly (if I should follow the question form or follow SHINee's form) so I apologize of the sentences were a bit confusing.

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