150618 NYLON with Key (excerpts from interview) part 2

Q: It's quite late at night right now. How did you spend your day today?
Key: I was packing my things.

Q: Like luggage?
Key: Whenever I go out, the things I have to prepare to bring are different every time so.. (while pointing at his bag which seems to be so full to the point of bursting) today, I only bought a little. I didn't bring a bento/lunchbox. Since I'm regulating my meals, instead of eating food that's bought, I'm more comfortable with eating food that I made. I pack my bento the day before, just before I go to sleep, then I prepare my snacks, and I also pack vitamins and ginseng.

Q: What do you do after packing your things?
Key: I take a shower, listen to music, sign stuff, then record. I sleep while traveling. Since I'm not the type who sleeps a lot, so when there's time left after I slept, I read my script. And then I come here to NYLON's photoshoot.


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