[SHINee] 150325 SWJ+ Music Video Episode - Taemin


Every time there's a photoshoot or filming, a manager would be standing by to translate the staff's instructions to Korean for the members who cannot fully understand Japanese yet.

However during the jacket photoshoot, Taemin was told by the manager, "Taemin already knows Japanese so he will not need a translator~"

For a moment, he wore an "eh?" expression, then eventually answered with a smiling face, "T-that's right! I know Japanese! So I won't need a translator anymore~!" (LOL) Because of that, the staff members around him kept saying, "Taemin's Japanese has become so much better, right?" and he seemed pleased, saying, "Right? Right~?" with a smiling face.

In the middle of all that, his manager, in a form of betrayal, bluntly said, "No, Taemin's Japanese is not that good yet!" (LOL)

Taemin then looked stunned and said, "That's! That's mean~! Even though I've been doing my best!" (LOL). It seems that the manager acted strictly by him/herself because s/he thought, "If (Taemin) gets praised here he won't study anymore". ^^

However, during the photoshoot, Taemin said, "Recently, Japanese enters my head." It seems that he is really doing his best studying Japanese ☆

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