Q: Do you think love can happen from the worst meetings?
A: X - If the person you meet slaps you on the face they won't be meeting you again, right? (LOL)
Q: Are you embarrassed when your members watch your dramas?
A: O - Sungyeol-san especially monitors (the drama) a lot (LOL).
Q: Have you ever fought with a member long ago for a trivial thing?
A: O - Instead of accumulating patience, I think that we get along better when we argue.
Q: Do you want to act alongside another member?
A: X - We know about each other too well that we'll end up laughing a lot...

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to help you a lot. Since I'm so busy with SHINee lately and...well, you can see from my post ><. Really sorry.

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