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【Trans】Music Interview JAEJOONG TV LIFE 2020 No,10(5/15)

Music Interview JAEJOONG TV LIFE 2020 No,10(5/15)
Jaejoong kindly told us about the secret story when he made dance of the new song "Brava !! Brava !! Brava !!", the behind story of the MV shooting, and even the recent private situation of friendship.

His double A-side single "Brava !! Brava !! Brava !! / Ray of Light", released in March, won first place on the weekly single chart. To commemorate this, Jaejoong will release a special version with a DVD containing MV, making video, and teaser video. In the MV of "Brava !! Brava !! Brava !!", there are full of fun scenes such as groovy "motorcycle dance" that expresses the action of riding a motorcycle and "Metronome dance" that shakes the face left and right in line with the dancers.

“I wanted to have dances that can be easily imitated and performed by children and the elderly.
I was thinking with the choreographer until the day before shooting the MV, but I couldn't come up with a good idea ... When I was sitting and thinking, I stretched out my hands and tried to move, and then a bike dance was born. It will be great fun to dance with fans at a concert. The metronome dance is also fun when I imagine the people shaking with the people in front and behind. I think I will laugh if I actually see it from the stage. Lol.”

On the other hand, "Ray of Light" is a rock ballad with Jaejoong's overwhelming singing power and is the ending theme song of the anime "Smile Down the Runway." So when I asked him about his interest in anime, he gave a unique answer.
“I'm a generation of "Dragon Ball", "Slam Dunk" and "Sailor Moon". Lol. I'm not very familiar with recent anime. Oh, but I've watched all the "Demon Slayer". That is cute! It was the recommended top on Netflix, so I started to watch it. That was fun. At first, I was so busy that I could only watch up to 3 episodes, but I thought that I should watch it until the end, so I conquered all the episodes. I watched part of "One Piece", but this exceeded that record. Lol.”

“Speaking of Netflix, I also watched the drama "The Naked Director". Takayuki Yamada appeared in it, so I thought I should watch it, it was really interesting. Not in an erotic sense. Lol. As a work, I thought it was art. I met Mr. Yamada at a restaurant by chance. Since then, we often drink together and have become friends. He is a very good person! Recently, he contacted me, "Now I'm filming season 2".”

When I asked about his personal interest, he seems to be addicted to Japanese history!
"I am studying such as, why the culture about fish is developing in this way in Japan. I sometimes watch the history of Japan compiled by Koreans living in Japan on YouTube. It's fun to learn the history and culture of the countries we are interested in. Aren’t you?”

Embarrassing to use my own stamp
Sometimes my friend uses my official stamp on LINE, then my face is sent to me, so who am I talking to? I feel like that. Lol. I also downloaded it, but it's embarrassing to use it. I am sending back Kuro-chan's stamp. Lol.”

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