Epigenetics Of The Culture Of (OPINION ONLY) Coulter & Trump v That Of Non-Confrontational Democracy

Website Paradigms Explain How It
Is People Who Bash Gays And Are
Severe Democracy Displacers With
Division, Scapegoating, Arrogance &
Hate, Obviously Not Always But
Routinely, Almost Predictably, Turn Out
Being Pedophiles And Or Gay.
A Factor's Seen Running Along A
Sequence In Uncertainty & Threshold
Starting From Certain Women Producing
More Babies, Which Would In Fact Be
Pre-Texted From Warlord Oriented
Culture Encouraging Births Starting
At Earliest Opportunity, With Pedopohilia
Sharing One Of The Same Key
Phenotypes (Traits) Correlated With
Being Gay.
Longer Birth String Matters.
The Latter's Include Hypermasculine
And In Turn Cross-Correlates With
Winter Birth: Thus:
Per Need, Per Non-Cooperative
Warlords' Cultures, They're Produced
For Hunting & War, But With Pedophilia
Happening Much More Often Along
The Way.
That's Now Known Being Correlated
With The Apathic Personality.

The More Apathic Someone Sounds
(If It's Good For Me, No Matter How
Antisocial, Then It's Good For
Everyone) The Likelier It Is You're
Looking At A Pedophile.
The Fact Basis Basics Are Entering
A New Mini-Bundle Presently.


Ironically It Turns Affirming Of
Traditional Morality Cause It Says
Our Cultural Choices (That's Morality,
Or, In Essence, Religion,) Defines
Utterly Everything About Our Live,
Our Habitat, Our Character, AND

How Scapegoating To Displace Democracy
Induces Pedophilia, How That Particular
Process Self-Accelerates Within The
Scapegoating Democracy Displacing
Community, And How It Induces Time
And Place Responsive Normal Natural
And Appropriate Gay Incidence Serving
Purposes Of Confrontational Warlord Based
Cultures (More) vs Purposes Of
Non-Confrontational Democratic Cultures
(Less,) Which Is Also To Explain How And
Why Gay Bashers Routinely Turn Out
Pedophiles And/Or Gay.

Because These Things Indicate Our Cultural
Choices, Which Is Morality, Or Religion,
Are Defining Of The Entirety Of Our Way
Of Life, Our Habitat, And Our Character
Above Is Surprisingly Affirming Of Traditional
Religion, Though Requiring Learning From
History, What Western Religions Specifically
Self Describe Doing As A Primary Purpose.

The Author Of All, Myself, Am A Public Health
Professional Recently Retired, Having Entered
That Field From Economics But With The Field's
Usual Bio Grounding Typical Of Everyone Including
Entrants From Economics.

You'll Find I've Seen The Above To Fit Within
A Larger Paradigm In Uncertainty & Threshold
Including The Plain Language Use By Other Authors
Of Discovery Portrayals Equivalent To, Or Directly
Describing, Their Own Witnessing Af A Similar
Dynamic (Uncertainty & Threshold.)

Increasing The Likelihood Of A Quantum Effect
And Then Seeing Threshold Achieved, As Described
For Popular Consumption, By Others, And Similar
Dynamics Described In Protein Interaction, Which
Probably Is Simultaneously Describing What
The Independently Developed Paradigms Offer, Are
Particularly Interesting, As Though The Universe
Were A Giant Wave Making Home Mini Swimming Pool
With What We Do With The Chaos As It Passes By
Us Defining Our Own Existence.

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