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【Trans】rough and flawless, JAEJOONG ① (anan 2019.4.17)

JAEJOONG step towards “perfection”
Kind and delicate, with an enveloping strength.
Leaves a dark color in our mind while having a sense of transparency.
Jaejoong is brushing up on his singing voices of “gift”, and he's in action now.
The pure figure not to be decorated like "rough stone" and the figure aiming at "perfect" as an artist. Between the amplitudes, what is the driving force that moves him constantly upgrading? I asked him about the secret in detail on "anan" which he appeared for the first time in nine years.
Q: Tell me how to relieve your stress or how to solve your trouble.
J: Composing music. In my case, being free is stress. In the past, the drama I was scheduled to appear in was canceled, and I suddenly became free for four months. I was beaten mentally, but I changed my mind by composing. At that time, it was good that I could find a way out.
Q: Have you changed about love compared to your twenties?
J: I lost interest in love. Lol I used to have a desire for marriage, but now 0%! Now I live only for my work. Even if I think that I might like a woman, I immediately become calm. When we are in love, we care about the lover and as a result we become troubled. That's a bit of a burden for me. Huh? are you worried?... But for fans, it is good, isn't it?

Born January 26, 1986. singer. In February last year, he resumed his activities in Japan in earnest. He released his first solo album in Japan "Flawless Love" on April 10 and started "JAEJOONG ARENA TOUR 2019-Flawless Love" on the same day. Starting from Aichi Prefecture, it will be held in 6 cities across the country.
The meaning of the album title is "perfect love".
"Love is being polished and perfected from the gemstones, just like diamonds. At first we meet in a state of nothing, know each other, and gradually change shape while gaining experience." He put that feeling in the album title.

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