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[TRANS - Some parts that are released exclusively in hard copy issue of Staraz]

Here're only partial screencaps thanks to @jyj_sophia and @who1s2live4ever.
I'll keep you posted as I find more.


You are celebrating your 10th anniversary since debut this year. When was the most rewarding moment to you, Kim Jaejoong, throughout your 10-year career?
- This very moment. A full-length solo album itself was a heavy challenge to me. But here it is, <WWW>, thanks to everyone's supports. It was more rewarding because non-fans loved it very much unexpectedly.

What's your resolution for a new year?
- Having 10 years passed makes me dream of 'Return', not 'Reset'. Although I've endeavored to achieve this and that and I've reached who I am now, I always needed a bigger fillip to better growth. The toughest time to me, personally, is when I can't feel the growing pains. Therefore, I want to go back to the day I knew nothing and start all over again. If I was a 1 back then, I will become a 1 again and grow as this 1 originally wanted to do. So my goal is to connect a 10 to a 1 again to continue growing. Only then I'm going to be happy all along, I guess.

Please share your anecdote about concert practice.
- Since it's not what I do alone but with a band, I wasn't able to practice more than once a day. Also because the numbers are physically demanding, I tried to refrain from practicing excessively not to strain my throat. To pick a memorable one, it is that the guest performers were 4, but 3 of them came to practice with me all at the same time and on the same day, so I had to sing the same song over and over again. Of course I could not say this to my seniors [sunbaenims], but to be honest it was so grueling. (laughs)

> Translated by Sofia (@jaetaku)

Once again, these are the only exclusive contents released in hard copy issue of the magazine.
Those who haven't read the online issue at all, visit Prince JJ, search STARAZA and read Yule's full translation. ^^

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