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【Trans】RELEASE INTERVIEW TV LIFE 2019 No.8(4/12)

TV LIFE 2019 No.8(4/12)
JAEJOONG 1st Album [FLAWLESS LOVE] release
"I made an album that can make various stages."

Korean artist Jaejoong who is actively working in Japan releases his first Japanese album.
This is about the secret story of the creation of this album, which is for the selection of the arena concert tour starting from April.

Starting with the Japan solo debut on June last year, Jaejoong is actively engaged in Japanese activities. Having spent busy days, he will release his first album "Flawless Love" just 10 months after his debut in Japan, and at the same time will hold a concert tour.
"To be honest, I was thinking of releasing more singles and then making an album. However, since it was decided to hold the Arena Concert Tour from 4/10, so it would be good to release the album at the same time, I started to work from the end of last year. I wanted to do it with my own songs, not the cover songs in this concert tour. I got a lot of good songs and I chose the best among them. I was able to create an album of variety songs.”
As he says, songs from various genres are recorded, and the diversity of Jaejoong's vocals can be felt.
"I sang with different way depending on the mood and genre of the song. So, the person who listens to my album first may think, 【Does Jaejoong sing all these songs? 】Lol
He chose songs while taking the concert into consideration, and the dance song which is long-awaited of fans, "Sweetest Love", is included.
MV co-starring with Yuuki Himura (Bananaman※comedy duo), actress Yuna Taira and Yukina Kinoshita becomes a popular topic, it is a must-see dance of Jaejoong who played an active role as a top idol.
However, he seems to have felt pressure to dance, because he has a few opportunity to dance since he became a solo singer.
There were a lot of opinions from the fans like [want Jaejoong to dance], so I decided to record dance songs. It's been a long time since I dance energetically. Before I learn choreography,【Ahhhh, I will get nervous・・・can I do? 】(Lol) But I really look forward to the concert tour.
There are ballads, pops, dance and rock, and it is an album that I can create various stages.
I will show a lot of new songs, so it will take longer to rehearse than the previous concerts. (Lol)"
He speaks fluent Japanese and is a friendly character, so he is also very succesful on variety shows.
He seems to have a wide friendship in Japan, does he have any secret way to get along with others?
"I was not used to it at first. Since I am a rookie in Japan, I thought that if I keep quiet and modest, people would think that I was surprisingly humble and kind. But it seems that I was hard to get close.(Lol)Instead, I raised me up and talked a lot from myself, and then I can make friends.
He also talked about episodes with Tomohisa Yamashita and Yu Shirota, who are known as his close friends.
"My friends held a party on my birthday in January, but I heard the two won’t come. However, they appeared late, it was a surprise. But I said,【both of you always with me, so I wasn't surprised at all!】“ Lol
He is completely familiar with Japan. What is his favorite Japanese food?
“The sushi I received a few minutes ago was delicious! I love sushi, especially Otoro(Fattiest portion of Bluefin tuna belly) is the best. It melts away at the moment I put it in my mouth.Lol  I also like prawn.”

[Recent situation]  In search of the taste of Korea…
When I'm in Japan and I miss Korean food, I cook jjigae pot (Korean hot pot) easily at home. I use kimchi sold at a convenience store, it will be my favorite taste. The combination of acidity and sweetness is good and tasty.

Jaejoong... Born January 26, 1986. From Seoul, Korea. Blood type O.
Debuted solo in Japan in June 2018 with the single "Sign / Your Love".
From April, he will be regular appearances once a month on NHK Radio 1 【Furuya Masayuki's POP ☆ A】.
The concert tour [JAEJOONG ARENA TOUR 2019~FLAWLESS LOVE] will start from April 10th.

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