One photo that speaks volumes about how totally riddled the MSM are & how everything they & ALL NATO Governments have & are telling you is TOTAL BULLSHIT !
It shows NATO member, Turkey's installed puppet Prime Minister, the APK party's #Erdogan & Turkey's intel chief meeting Al Qadi, #al-CIA-duh 's SAUDI banker & not a drone in sight !
Here's an account of that meeting - http://www.voltairenet.org/article181671.html

Now do I need to spell out the crystal clear implications of this to you ??
OK, for the AmeriKans, it means that NATO member Turkey, a puppet Muslim Brotherhood religious fascist regime, installed by the Council On Foreign Relations offshoot, the little talked about, but very insidiously powerful, Turkish American Council,( whose retiring Chairman is none other than Richard L Armitage - a piece of work if ever there was one ! See http://www.the-atc.org/ ) are in bed with AlQaeda - or more correctly, al-CIA-duh & not a word said in CFR controlled MSM, never mind the Soros-Zionist funded @IntlCrimCourt sham, the @OPCW re the WMD, the Zionist occupied & now irrelevant @UN_Spokesperson , never mind indicting Erdogan & his IslamoFascist APK for arming, harbouring, protecting, supporting al-CIA-duh sectarian terrorists !

As a backgrounder to the American Turkish Council, a Zionist front, have a listen to some of the "little" jobs they get up to with their Muslim Brotherhood puppet regime ! This is truly shocking - http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-740-philip-giraldi-on-the-turkish-israeli-lobby-and-black-market-operations/
Massive drug dealing, laundering, illegal arms sales & the pick of this terrible crop - Weapons Of Mass Destruction WMD selling/proliferation ! Where does most of the HEROIN from Afghanistan go? Whose production, incidentally, has skyrocketed under the Anglo-US Fascist regimes illegal occupation? BINGO - Turkey. Ask any scumbag heroin dealer !

So the full implications & conclusions of this one photo are, that everything you have been brainwashed about al-CIA-duh, Syria, Israel, the Anglo-US regimes real involvement in killing our own kids through massive drug dealing, is just bullshit !

If you still think the War On Terror marketing exercise is not, in fact, a War OF Terror, you are either a complete idiot or you are one of them !
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