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[Full TRANS] #Spy #김재중 transforms into top-notch NIS agent with charisma

Kim Jaejoong transformed into a charismatic NIS agent in the KBS2TV’s new Friday Miniseries Spy.

Kim Jaejoong plays an NIS intelligence analyst with brilliant mind and superb observation skills, Seonwu, in Spy, which will premiere on January 9.

He is a cool-headed professional but is an affectionate son to his loving mom Heyrim(Bae Jongok) and a sweet lover to his girlfriend Yunjin(Go Seonghi).

Kim Jaejoong heated up the filming location with his blazing stares from the first shooting. Even though Seonwu was injured and on a cast, he went to receive his new mission.

Kim Jaejoong expressed a vigilant agent at high alert a 100%, wearing a cast on his arm. Viewers’ anticipation on the genius NIS agent that Kim Jaejoong will portray with his unique charms is heightened.

Kim Jaejoong arrived at the filming location hours before filming to have his cast on and perfectly prepare for expressing injured Seonwu.

Kim Jaejoong impressed everyone by transforming into injured Seonwu impeccably in spite of the cast that interfered with his natural motion. Everyone, not only the female but also male staff members, was filled with admiration at his stunning appearance.

The production company of Spy, IMTV, commented, “Kim Jaejoong’s outstanding visual made us believe that he was a real NIS agent at the first shooting. With perfect understanding of his character Seonwu, he showed great maturity in his acting.” And added, “Please support Spy. The actors and production crew are in it with unceasing passion for the drama."

Spy is a brand new family/spy thriller/drama based on Israeli drama MICE. It is story of an ordinary housewife mother who gambles her life for her son and her son who finds his mother’s secret past.

It premieres on January 9 at 9:20 PM.

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