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DJ: Our special personality for tonight's All Night Nippon Gold is the Kpop group SHINee. In a while we'll be introducing letters from fans and discuss Japanese songs together with SHINee. Each member chose their favorite Japanese song. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin chose a varied genre of songs from dance songs to acoustic ones. What kind of Japanese songs have they chosen? Let's find out in their following discussion.

DJ: Right now we are in SHINee's All Night Nippon Gold. The let us introduce and read some of our mail. Her radio name is Ayuame-san. She said, "I always cheer for you with all my might. In your new song's music video, you expressed well how love at first sight is. But in reality, have you ever experienced love at first sight? If you have, how did you approach them? Please talk about it leisurely.

Taemin: Love at first sight, huh.

Key: This question is a bit...

Jonghyun: I have experienced it.

SHINee: Whoaaaaaa

DJ: Jonghyun-san has experienced it?

Jonghyun: The one I currently live with in my house..

Minho: Huh?

Jonghyun: My puppy. When I first saw my dog, I fell in love at first sight de gozaru.

Everyone: LOL

Key: You're doing that again?

DJ: What made you fall in love with her?

Jonghyun: Ah, her legs were really tiny and short. And it was the cutest thing. Her name means "nothing much" (betsu ni) in Japanese.

DJ: "betsu ni?"

Jonghyun: Betsuni-chan.

Key: Jonghyun's dog's Japanese name is nothing much.

DJ: What breed is it?

Jonghyun: Dachshund.

DJ: I see! So, Jonghyun-san fell in love at first sight with a puppy.

Key: But "love at first sight" can also happen in normal situations, right?

DJ: Yes, Key-san?

Key: Like saying, that person is wonderful or this person is beautiful, etc. it's also love at first sight, right? But personally falling in love at first sight leading to a relationship hasn't really happened to me.

DJ: Is that so?

Jonghyun: Ah, it hasn't happened yet, huh.

Key: Yes.

DJ: Then how about the rest who haven't answered?

Jonghyun: Have you?

DJ: How about Minho-san?

Jonghyun: Love at first sight?

Minho: I have no memories of such.

Jonghyun: You don't remember?

DJ: No memories of love at first sight, huh.

Jonghyun: You have. You have!

Minho: No, really I haven't.

Jonghyun: ...Maybe you have.

Jonghyun: Then, Taemin-kun?!

Taemin: I think I have fallen in love at first sight. But I think I did it too much.


Jonghyun: Too much?!

Minho: Seriously?

Taemin: Um, like seeing models and falling for them at first sight.

Key: In the internet.

Taemin: Yes, in the internet. Or the movies.

Jonghyun: That is also possible, right?

DJ: How about Onew-san?

Onew: I'm also the same as Taemin.

DJ: Love at first sight many times?

Key: Like when you see a perfect model in the internet?

Onew: Yes, yes

Jonghyun: In the internet?

Onew: Not really.

DJ: Well then, we'll be reading more of these mails later on. But for now, we'll be having this corner.

Key: Yes, it's "Tell Us

SHINee: Your Best Number"

DJ: This corner, "Tell Us Your Best Number" is in reference to SHINee's new single, "Your Number". In this corner, we'll ask SHINee about their "Best Number". However the "number" here doesn't really mean a telephone number but rather a radio song number. That's why here, SHINee will talk about their best number—the best song for them. In addition, they will be Japanese songs.

DJ: Well then, let's start with Key-san! Please tell us your best number.

Key: My number is Amuro Namie's "Body Feels Exit".

Onew: Ohhh

Jonghyun: Our first song is already great! Say it again!

Key: Body Feels Exit.

[sample play of Body Feels Exit - Amuro Namie ]

Jonghyun: Body Feels Exit!

Minho: EXIT!

DJ: Why did you choose this one?

Key: Well, I really like songs from the 80's and 90's. I listen to Bobby Brown and pop songs. So even in Japanese songs, I like old songs more. Like Speed's songs and Amuro Namie's older albums.

DJ: I see. You really listen to a lot! Then, next is Taemin-san! Please tell us your best number.

Taemin: Mine is Kawaguchi Kyogo's "Sakura".

[sample play of Sakura - Kawaguchi Kyogo ]

DJ: Why did you choose this one?

Taemin: I thought the lyrics are impressive, especially the line "In order to make you smile".

DJ: Hmm, also it's almost sakura season, right?

Taemin: Yes, since it's already spring.

DJ: Do you sing it by yourself?

Taemin: I don't think I can sing it, LOL.

DJ: So you haven't tried it yet?

Taemin: No.

DJ: I see! But I think you can do it, like in a concert.

Taemin: If there's an opportunity...

Key: I'm looking forward to it.

Taemin: But I can play it a bit on the piano.

DJ: Ah I see! Has Taemin-san played piano before at a concert?

Taemin: If there's an opportunity... LOL, I want to try.

DJ: I hope that we'll be able to hear it soon. Then, we'll talk more after this break.


[All Night Nippon SHINee call]

DJ: Yes, right now we're talking with SHINee about their Best Numbers, which means their favorite songs, specifically Japanese songs. Previously, we had Key-san with Amuro Namie's "Body Feels Exit" and Taemin-san with Kawaguchi Kyogo's "Sakura". To continue, let's have Jonghyun-san's best number.

Jonghyun: Mine is Humbert Humbert's Onaji Hanashi.

[sample play of Onaji Hanashi - Humbert Humbert ]

DJ: Humbert Humbert's Onaji Hanashi.

Jonghyun: Yes. It's sung by two persons—a duet. It's a woman and a man singing together and the lyrics are really pretty.

DJ: Ah! In relation to this, when have you heard this song?

Jonghyun: First time I heard it? Around three years ago? That time I was on the internet. I was surfing on my phone and suddenly this song popped up and when I listened to it, I thought it was really nice so I looked it up and found a live performance and found out that Humbert Humbert has a lot of acoustic songs.

DJ: I see so it was a "chance meeting".

Jonghyun: Yes.

DJ: Then to continue, Onew-san? Please tell us your best number.

Onew: Mine is Oda Kazumasa's Kokoro.

[sample play of Kokoro - Oda Kazumasa ]

DJ: Oda Kazumasa's Kokoro.

Onew: Yes.

DJ: What is the reason why this is your best number?

Onew: The singing voice is lovely and...uhh....what.


Key: You chose that song!

Onew: I forgot what I'm supposed to say.

Jonghyun: Did you forget it?

Onew: Un.

Jonghyun: It's okay to do it slowly. Do it at ease.

Onew: I even prepared what I was going to say...

Key: Do it slowly.

Jonghyun: Slowly.

Onew: What was it?

Key: I wonder what it was supposed to be!

Onew: Help me...

Jonghyun: You have another chance! This is your last chance!

Onew: The voice is...

Jonghyun: Yes, the voice?

Onew: Uh...

Jonghyun: You like it?

Onew: I do.

Jonghyun: And then the lyrics?

Key: Definitely the singing voice is really lovely, isn't it?! The person who sang this song!

Everyone: LOL

Jonghyun: Too bad. Onew-kun, that's too bad.

Key: You're done now.

Jonghyun: You've failed.

DJ: No, no, no!

Jonghyun: Today is just no good.

DJ: Then, lastly, Minho-san. What is your best number?

Minho: My best number is Fukuyama Masaharu's "Milk Tea".

[sample play of Milk Tea - Fukuyama Masaharu]

DJ: Fukuyama Masaharu is also a radio show DJ. And his song is Minho-san's best number. Why is that?

Minho: This song was introduced to me by TVXQ's Changmin.

DJ: Minho-san is close to Changmin-san, right?

Minho: Yes, we're close.

Key: You've also sung this song on stage before.

Minho: Yes, during the fanmeet on my solo stage, I sang it.

DJ: Why this song?

Minho: When I first heard this song, I think the lyrics and songs are...

Jonghyun: Nice.

Minho: Are nice. LOL.

SHINee: *imitates the whispered cue* NICE! N I C E.

DJ: There's really some wonderful support here. Well then, you've chosen five songs. However, out of the five songs we will only play one song.

Onew: Huh?

Jonghyun: Just one song?

DJ: Yes, since we don't have much time. We will choose the songs using playing cards! Each of you will draw one card and the one who draws the highest number will have his song played. Then, please draw a card.

Jonghyun: I'll definitely win!

DJ: Please show your cards at the same time. Open your number!

Onew: Ready, go!

Key: Eh? What is "A"?

Jonghyun: It means ONE.

DJ: Key-san is 1.

Jonghyun: 2!

Onew: Onew is...

DJ: Onew-san is 2! Jonghyun-san is?

Jonghyun: 8.

Taemin: Ah! I won! I got 9!

DJ: Minho-san is?

Minho: 4.

DJ: Well then!

SHINee: Waaaah....

Onew: Sakura!

Taemin: This is great.

DJ: Then, please introduce the song.

Taemin: Then please listen to Kawaguchi Kyogo's "Sakura".

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