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This is it from me on the topic of casting . . . RT @XPhile03:" @SonyPictures just tweeted about auditions for the role of Jace. I hope it does not mean a definite no from Pettyfer. " "I heard AP is considering another franchise, has he turned down Jace."

That is not really the way this stuff works. When a studio is negotiating with an actor, that does not mean they are not looking at any other actors (or that the actor is not looking at other projects). I know the studio has in fact met with other actors and I've heard various names. I would say that what this means is that nothing is going to happen very soon. However, this 'yes' 'no' stuff is part of negotiating and ***until someone is cast as Jace***, there is basically no such thing as final news.

For the moment Wikipedia has it right (though who knows how long that will last)


"Sources also say that he has been offered the part of Jace Wayland in the upcoming portayal of Cassandra Clare's best selling book, City of Bones. No news if he has accepted the part yet."

"He has also been offered a part in an upcoming film adaption of Joseph Delaney's The Wardstone Chronicles. There have also been no news if he has accepted the part as well."

And here's from a fan who met him at an I Am Number Four event and asked him about Jace.


Basically, the sumup is: There's no official news, and likely won't be for a while. I hope that helps. I also think it's a good idea to keep in mind that life goes on even if he doesn't get cast. It won't affect whether they make the movie or not. I am saying this mainly because I am leaving Sunday and will be off the internet for a month, so this may as well stand as what I have to say on the topic.

*** Also, when reading online articles, there's an easy way to check if they are actually news. They will say "exclusive" or "breaking news." If not, they will link to the original article that they are getting their info from. If the original article is days and days old, the article you're reading isn't news, it's just someone reblogging something. It does not make the original article more true.

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