[SHINee] 150313 All Night Nippon Gold - Transcript PART 1

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Onew: Good evening, this is the leader Onew.

Jonghyun: This is Jonghyun.

Minho: Good evening, this is Minho.

Taemin: Good evening, this is Taemin.

Key: Good evening, this is Key.

SHINee: Good evening, we are shining SHINee!

Key: Somehow we just started.

Onew: That's right.

Minho: Right.

Key: So...

Taemin: I'm nervous.

Jonghyun: You!

Key: I'm kind of excited.

Onew: First, we have to do this, right? Ready, go!

SHINee: This is SHINee's All Night Nippon Gold!

- BGM -

Onew: Good evening, this is the leader Onew.

Jonghyun: This is Jonghyun.

Minho: Good evening, this is Minho.

Taemin: Good evening, this is Taemin.

Key: This is Key.

SHINee: Good evening, we are shining SHINee!

Onew: This is SHINee's...

SHINee: All Night Nippon Gold!

Jonghyun: Why are we doing this again?

Key: We already did this!

DJ: Okay, anyway, SHINee's All Night Nippon Gold has started! I'm sorry to the fans for suddenly appearing, I will be their assistant for today, my name is Shinbou Tomoe. Please take care of us.

SHINee: Please take care of us!

Key: We've been having trouble right at the start.

DJ: Ah, no no. But, is this the first time for the five of you to be hosting a radio show together?

Minho: It's our first time.

Jonghyun: That's true. It's our first time to have a radio show with the name SHINee in the title.

Key: It's our first trial. That's why we're having troubles right at the start! Well, we have to do our best until the last (saigo made ganbara nai to)

Onew: GanbararaNIGHT! (he's using a play on words since it's also a night radio show ^^;)

Jonghyun: Yonbaranaito?

Key: That's not it!

Jonghyun: It's "ganbaranai to"

Onew: Ganbaranaito!

Key: Since it's "All Night".

DJ: Yes, yes. Well even before, Friday's All Night Nippon has featured different personalities and today we have Korean group who's popular not only in Japan but worldwide, SHINee. Since we might have listeners who are only hearing SHINee for the first time, let's explain a bit about what kind of group SHINee is. It is a five-member group whose members are Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. They debuted in Korea on May 2008 and in Japan on June 2011 and became popular. During their 2012 tour, they had 200,000 attendees.

SHINee: Wow.

DJ: In relation, they are in the from SM Entertainment, in the same company as their senpais BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, and SNSD, etc.

Key: That is perfect. LOL.

DJ: I know you've said that you're all nervous but we're doing this show for an hour and a half.

Key: It's really long.

DJ: Isn't it? Well then, let's have fun while doing our best!

SHINee: Okay.

DJ: Also, we have requested (e-)mail from your fans and an amazing number of people sent in their mail.

SHINee: Is that so?

DJ: Yes. For one day, we received about 400 mail.

Key: 400?

Jonghyun: For just one day?

DJ: Yes, for just one day!

Onew: Wow.

DJ: It was really awesome. Well, we still did some filtering, so first, I'd like to introduce this mail first. This is from Kaya-san. "What is something that SHINee can be proud of or boast about their group?"

Taemin: Boast?

Jonghyun: I wonder what it could be?

Key: Who wants to start?

DJ: How should we do this?

Taemin: But to talk about ourselves...

Key: Right, right, it's a bit hard.

Taemin: It's embarrassing...

Key: But I guess SHINee's charm is in our individuality, right? Like, even in interviews are answers are way scattered. Even onstage each of our uniqueness stands out so I think that is SHINee's charm.

DJ: How about for Leader Onew-san?

Onew: Ah, SHINee are people who eat a lot.

DJ: Eat a lot?

Jonghyun: You mean energetic?

Taemin: Is this even okay?

Onew: Since our stamina/physical health is the most important so...

Key: That's true...

Taemin: We have to take care of our stamina.

DJ: Who eats the most among the members?

Jonghyun: Who is it? Maybe Minho...

DJ: Ah, it's Minho?

Jonghyun: Minho always eats a lot. And gets a lot of energy. Taemin, too.

Key: He likes food a lot.

Taemin: Ah, I eat a lot before but right now I've been grass... (t/n: he said "sougen" which means grassland)

DJ: Ah, on a diet?

Taemin: Ah, yes, limiting. It's really hard. (t/n: he corrected himself to "seigen" which means restricting/limiting)

DJ: Well then, we'll be answering more of these mails later on but now, let's play our opening number. Please introduce the song.

Key: The first song is SHINee's new song which just came out, Your Number.


DJ: Just now was Your Number, from SHINee's newly released single.

Key: It was Your Number.

DJ: It's a really lovely song. May we hear once more what kind of song this is?

Taemin: Um, this song is an RnB number and the point phrase is the line, "Can I get your number."

Key: It's a song about love at first sight. And then going on a date with a girl...well, that is all I can say about it. Please also check out the PV.

Taemin: If you watch the PV please also watch our acting.


Taemin: We've done our best there so please check it out, everyone.

DJ: It was in a library, right? The scenes?

Key: Well there are dating scenes. The five of us all wore suits and had dance scenes, too.

DJ: That's cool.

Key: Yes, please check it out.

DJ: Definitely please watch it! Then, let's do our best for one and a half hours of All Night Nippon Gold with SHINee.

SHINee: Please take care of us.

- BGM -

Onew: Good evening, this is the leader Onew.

Jonghyun: This is Jonghyun.

Minho: Good evening, this is Minho.

Taemin: Good evening, this is Taemin.

Key: Good evening, this is Key.

SHINee: Good evening, we are shining SHINee!

Onew: This is SHINee's...

SHINee: All Night Nippon Gold!

DJ: Again, good evening! I am SHINee's assistant for All Night Nippon Gold, Nippon Housou's announcer Shinbou Tomoe. Every Friday, we have different personalities for All Night Nippon. This week, our guest personality is Kpop artist SHINee. For the next one and a half hour, please look forward to SHINee's overflowing charms. Moving on, there are already people who might know this but our programs have fixed schedules. This programme contains an earlier recorded stream. The SHINee members challenged themselves using Japanese all throughout the show. Upon arrival to the recording studio, they all greeted us with, "Please take care of us!" and gave us gentle smiles. During the recording, they spoke with careful and polite Japanese. While we were recording, some of them were writing memos and even those were written in hiragana. It was already amazing, but they said they still have to study Japanese even more. They also showed their hardworking side well. Well then, for those who do not know about SHINee yet, here are their profiles once again.

DJ: (intro about SHINee similar to the previously said + intro about their next discussions)

DJ: Well then, please look forward to SHINee's talk.


Onew: Once more, good evening, this is the leader Onew.

Jonghyun: This is Jonghyun.

Minho: Good evening, this is Minho.

Taemin: Good evening, this is Taemin.

Key: This is Key.

SHINee: Good evening, we are shining SHINee!

DJ: And I will be the one to assist them during this show. This is Nippon Housou's announcer, Shinbo Tomoe. Please take care of us.

SHINee: Please take care of us.

DJ: Now, SHINee are our radio personalities for today, but did you know that this programme, All Night Nippon, was started in 1967. It has a history spanning about 48 years.

Taemin: That's amazing.

DJ: It's been continuing for a long time but the programme's layout is unchanged. Because it has a history, you know.

Onew: That's true.

Key: 6...67?

DJ: Since 1967, yes.

Key: That's awesome.

Jonghyun: 48 years.

Key: My mother was born after 1-2 years.


Jonghyun: Ah! It's the same as my mother.

Key: They're the same year? (1967)

Jonghyun: Yes.

Minho: It's a friend programme then (t/n: IDK)

Jonghyun: It's not a friend. It's my mother.

DJ: Well then we have a lot of talk about in this long radio show, but Jonghyun-san, in Korea you also do a radio show, right?

Jonghyun: Ah, yes. I am a DJ for a radio show.

DJ: Is it every day?

Jonghyun: Yes, it is.

DJ: That's amazing. What kind of things do you talk about in your radio show?

Jonghyun: It's from 12 to 2 am. Well, since it's a music radio show, we talk about music and other things.

DJ: I'm sure you receive a lot of messages from all over the world, how was it, Jonghyun-san?

Jonghyun: I also receive a lot of mail from Japan.

DJ: Ah, is that so...and also, aside from Jonghyun-san, the other members have experienced hosting radio shows, too, like subbing for a senior, right? For all of you, what is a radio show for you?

Key: I think a radio show's charm is that it's a live stream? I've experienced being a special DJ, and even though I was very nervous, I felt that time went by fast. I felt that I had a lot of fun that's why time flew by.

DJ: Ah so it is fun for you, Key-san.

Key: Yes.

DJ: Well, as we see now, SHINee's flourishing in Japan again, but once again what are your impressions about Japan? Like your first impressions as well as if any of your impressions had changed, Minho-san, how was it for you?

Minho: Our Japanese staff are really nice.

DJ: Ah, I see. In what way are they nice?

Minho: They sincerely explain to us the things we are unfamiliar about.

DJ: How about Taemin-san?

Taemin: Definitely, I think that everyone here are nice but that's not all. I also love the hot springs so that's the one that impresses me the most.

DJ: I see! Where have you gone for hot springs?

Taemin: I went with the members to...where was it?

SHINee: Yufuin.

Onew: Yufuin Onsen. Yufuin Onsen. Yufuin..

Taemin: It was great. I didn't know that such a great onsen existed.

Key: It was nice, wasn't it?

Taemin: It was a good experience.

DJ: Is that so.

Taemin: We are busy but sometimes we get time off so we go to the onsen or use the time for ourselves.

DJ: And, everyone is really good in Japanese...

Jonghyun: We still have a long way to go, really.

Key: We really still have to improve a lot.

Jonghyun: Still a long way to go...

DJ: Ah no, no..

Key: This is dangerous, LOL.

Jonghyun: No really, we still have to work on it.

DJ: When you entered the studio earlier and were given scripts. And some of you, particularly Key-san, writes on the script in hiragana.

Onew: Ah, that's true.

DJ: I was surprised.

Key: Ah, I can read a bit but really I just want to do better.

DJ: I think you also know a bit of kanji recently?

Taemin: Our levels are so far apart.

Everyone: LOL

Key: No, no.

Onew: (Saying) that kind of thing...

Key: It's because I memorize books and study. There are a lot of similar-looking kanji, right? So I write them down and memorize them. It's really hard but I'd like to do even better.

DJ: What is a Japanese word you recently memorized?

Key: A Japanese word I recently memorized?

Jonghyun: I have one.

DJ: Yes, Jonghyun-san?

Jonghyun: I watched a movie and learned "-de gozaru" (a respectful, archaic version of "desu")...

Key: ...de gozaru.

Jonghyun: Yes.

Onew: Something something de gozaru.

Jonghyun: Like "I'm home de gozaru." Or "Thank you de gozaru."

DJ: Thank you de gozaru?

Jonghyun: -de gozaru is like...how to say it, a word used in olden times?

DJ: That's true. You hear it in period dramas...

Jonghyun: I watched this movie...this Japanese movie...

DJ: What is the title?

Jonghyun: Rurouni Kenshin.

DJ: Rurouni Kenshin!

Jonghyun: Yes, recently (I watched it), since it's also in Korea.

DJ: Ah, it was released in Korea!

Jonghyun: Yes. It was shown in Korea.

DJ: Is that so.

Jonghyun: Kenshin, this movie's protagonist, keeps saying "-de gozaru". I'm done.

DJ: Then okay, Jonghyun de gozaru.


Jonghyun: I understand de gozaru.

DJ: But I also do not use it much.

Jonghyun: Since we have the chance de gozaru.

DJ: Well then, de gozaru

DJ: And then, the day after tomorrow will be your Tokyo Dome concert.

Key: Finally it's Tokyo Dome.

Taemin: In two days.

Onew: We're excited.

DJ: Your fans must also be looking forward to it. What kind of concert do you intend to do?

Key: It's been four years since our debut and since then Tokyo Dome has been a stage we've been aiming for. So we are very happy and excited and looking forward to it. Right now we're doing our rehearsals with the thought of wanting to go to stage as soon as possible.

DJ: You must really be looking forward to it.

Onew: We still can't believe it.

DJ: I'm sure. But it's just a little time and you'll be on that stage.

Key: Hearing that now makes me even more nervous!

Taemin: Since among all the venues we've performed in this will be the biggest one.

Key: It's the biggest stage, right?

Taemin: I'm touched.

DJ: Then, now let's have our listeners listen to another song. It's a SHINee song released in 2011, their debut song. Please introduce it.

Minho: Yes, the next song is Replay~kimi wa boku no everything~.


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