[SHINee] 150313 All Night Nippon Gold - Transcript PART 4

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35:40 to 45:40

DJ: For tonight's All Night Nippon Gold, we have someone here who wants to meet and speak with SHINee no matter what.

Key: Who could it be?

DJ: I gave a hint before that we will have a special interview corner.

Taemin: I'm nervous.

DJ: So let's call him. A member of Japan's pride, air band Golden Bomber. Please welcome, Utahiroba Jun-san!
(t/n: Golden Bomber is an air band because...they act like they play instruments but actually not, LOL. They just choreograph :) )

SHINee: Whoa!

Key: Jun-san!

Onew: Welcome to All Night Nippon Gold!

Jun: Please take care of me

SHINee: Please take care of us!

DJ: Golden Bomber is a band that has been a guest at the annual Kouhaku Utagassen for three years in a row! They're really an air band Japan is proud of.
(t/n: Kouhaku Utagassen/Red-White Song Battle is a traditional annual music show in Japan shown on New Years' Day and to be invited there is a huge privilege. Korean artists invited to Kouhaku include BoA, SNSD, Kara, TVXQ, Lee Jung Hyun, and Choi Yong-Pil)

DJ: They're popular with young people...yes, yes, someone like Onew-san here, LOL. They are really popular. Please introduce yourself once more.

Jun: Yes. Ah, I'm Golden Bomber's Utahiroba. Um, a while ago you introduced me like I'm an interviewer, like for a special interview and such, but honestly I'm really just a fan.


Minho: Wait, LOL!

Jun: Even now my heart is still fluttering, I'm in shock! Um, this might seem sudden so I'm really sorry...this is just one request, really but can you welcome me with "irasshinee"?

Minho: Ready, go!

SHINee: Irasshinee!

Jun: Waah, I'm glad I came!!!! Thank you very much!

DJ: He really is a fan. He had a fan-like reaction, right?

Taemin: That's true, it's amazing.

DJ: Your face has become red, are you okay?

Jun: It's weird if your face doesn't get red! How are you able to keep calm?

DJ: No, no, I know how you feel. It's just because I'm the facilitator here.

Jun: Ah yes, yes.

Key/Taemin: Amazing.

DJ: Then, Utahiroba-san, what is the thing that made you start to like SHINee?

Jun: Yeah, I'll have to say this, right? I'm sure someone would've been saying, "You don't really like them that much!" or something but I remember clearly it was August 10, 2010.


DJ: So detailed!

Jun: It was August 10, 2010 and just by accident I saw in the streaming site Youtube or something something-tube (t/n: They're not allowed to say brand names XD). I saw SHINee's Lucifer's MV. I got, I don't know, moved or excited but it was the best feeling. At that time I wrote in my blog, "woah, there are actually amazing guys like these! the center one was so cute but he's so good at dancing!" That was about Taemin-san. And then after that I just liked SHINee a lot and often said so.

Onew/Key: Thank you very much.

DJ: A while ago while Utahiroba-san was talking, somehow, the members' postures...their backs... LOL

Jun: Never mind that, we're on the radio and no one else will know about it! Let's stop talking about it! Just say they think it's fun or something!

Key: I think it was interesting.

Jonghyun: Thank you very much.

Jun: Ah, no no no.

DJ: Then, Utahiroba-san, what do you think is SHINee's charm?

Jun: Ah, I have to enumerate?

DJ: Please make it short, please...

Jun: Ah I understand, LOL. First is that they sing well. They dance well. They look good. They have charisma. All four qualities are present. They're really super idols.

DJ: They have all of it, right?

Jun: All four, yes. And then Onew-san is the leader but his nickname is suddenly Dubu/Tofu?! I don't understand it at all!

DJ: Tofu?

Jun: I thought, is that okay for an idol?! It was really amusing!

DJ: How do you feel hearing about this, Onew-san?

Onew: *sobs*

Jun: His facial expression LOL.

DJ: Were you surprised...right now you found respect for him now, right?

Onew: Yes.

DJ: We can feel Utahiroba-san's intensity, has SHINee also warmed/revved up because of that?

SHINee: We do.

Jun: Really?

Jonghyun: Really, thank you so much. Ah, are you sure you're not from SM?

Jun: Ah no, no. I'm made in Japan.

Jonghyun: Are you sure you're not from our company!?

Key: Are you a supervisor or something?

Jun: No, really. Those are 100% of my feelings, you know.

Jun: How many times should I say that I like you to convey it properly in this situation? A hundred or a thousand times will be okay?

Jonghyun: No, really, thank you very much!

Jun: I like a lot of Kpop groups, actually, but within it SHINee is like...well they are the ones who opened the door for me to Kpop and they're still with me along the way, so thank you, SHINee, really.

Jonghyun: Ah, we're also very thankful.

Taemin: We're grateful.

Key: He is really serious.

Taemin: For someone from Golden Bomber, who's a really popular group, to give us love it's just...

Key: True, true.

DJ: Yeah, even if he's famous, right?

Jun: No, no, actually even if Golden Bomber isn't popular I'll still like you! Actually we should just stop talking about Golden Bomber! I'm just one fan! Ah wait well, if I'm just a fan I wouldn't be able to be here so yeah we should mention Golden Bomber anyway.

DJ: Also, listeners would be enticed before the show because a big-name fan is coming, right?

Jun: I really want to tell them that (SHINee) aren't just a cool group of five idols from Korea.

DJ: Well then, today Utahiroba-san will do a bit of an interview and ask SHINee some questions.

Key: Questions!

DJ: It's like a present we'd give him.

Jun: Is that okay?

DJ/Key: Yes!

Jun: Then first, something that's close at hand. Everyone, congratulations on your Tokyo Dome concert!

SHINee: Thank you very much.

Jun: It's really, like...it's like we've been waiting for it all this time,. But in SM you have seniors who have already done dome concerts, right? Did you receive any advice from any of these persons? Like, did you talk with them or teach you or anything?

Taemin: Ah, well, we talked with TVXQ-senpai. During the SMTown concert in Tokyo Dome. That time we haven't had any plans to perform in Tokyo Dome yet, but they told us, "SHINee will definitely be in Tokyo Dome soon!" And for me somehow it became some sort of strength that's why we're able to do it now.

Jun: That answer is worth 100 points, to be honest. That's awesome, you got to talk with TVXQ... Ah, what kind of situation was it! I'm so curious. Anyway, this is just me speaking as a fan and it might seem a bit intruding but Tokyo Dome is a very big place, right? But the person at the very front seat and the person at the very back seat--they paid the same amount.

Onew: Ah, yes....

Jun: And both of them, the person at the very front and the person at the very back, they just think SHINee are the best and would shout the same things and give the same smiles. And I thought, even if you don't say it, it's a concert that is worth having. That's why, well, it's not that I'm giving you pressure but...


DJ: But that's right. I've also gone to a concert in Tokyo Dome and then, you know tenjou seki (ceiling seats)? The view from the third level and the view from the arena are entirely different, but in a ceiling seat, you can clearly see everything and that is fun in itself. There are some people who would want to be as close as possible but then there are also people who prefer to be more at the top to see everything. But despite that I think their hearts are one in giving you love.

Jun: That's right. Tokyo Dome is a big place so of course you'd want to meet various, different kinds of people. Well, I haven't really performed in Tokyo Dome so I wouldn't know... I hope that you keep your spirit.

DJ: Do you have other questions?

Jun: Is it okay?

DJ: Of course!

Jun: Ah, definitely...ah yes. All of you seem to have really good relationships. You guys really get along. In Golden Bomber we don't get along at all. So what are your secrets in staying as a group with good relations?

Key: Well it depends on the years...ah, excuse me but how long are you a group?

Jun: Since we've been decided uh...about 10 years?

Key: That's amazing.

Jun: Well, there are also member changes so with the current lineup, I'd say 9 years.

Jonghyun: Well, the five of us have been together since training for, what, almost 10 years?

Onew: Yes.

Jonghyun: Then we've lived together then we rehearsed dancing and singing together. When there is trouble, I think that the most important is to talk about it as soon as possible.

Jun: I see. And then with that you can come up with a solution together without worries.

Jonghyun: Yes.

DJ: What does Golden Bomber do in such things?

Jun: Well, we don't really rehearse in the first place so... since we're an air band.


DJ: Since you're an air band, of course!

Jun: So when a problem comes up, we should talk and solve it immediately.

Jonghyun: I think that if you're able to talk like that, it means that you've grown close. If you're not close, you won't be able to talk.

DJ: That's true. Because you get along well, you can say anything.

Jonghyun: Yes.

Jun: Thank you very much.

DJ: Now we've witnessed SHINee from a fan's viewpoint...

Jun: Is that even alright? From my eyes...

DJ: How about you, are you alright? Have you exhausted all your thoughts?

Jun: No, I'd be lying if I say I've exhausted everything since I want to stay here forever! I want to talk about each and every thing but of course I should know when to stop this time, right?

DJ: Yes. Well, this time we'll be playing a SHINee song that Utahiroba-san chose. So please introduce this song.

Jun: This song is the one I heard as I met with SHINee for the first time. Although I really want to reminisce that time (with the original), this is the Japanese version. Let's hear SHINee's Lucifer.

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