[Boys Meet U Showcase] Full Translation with Timestamp.

01:16: MC: Well then, everyone! First, SHINee will introduce themselves one by one!
01:25: SHINee: Good evening, we are shining SHINee!
01:30: Onew: Good evening, I'm the leader, Onew.
01:31: Jonghyun: Good evening, I'm Jonghyun.
01:34: Taemin: Everyone, I'm Taemin.
01:36: Minho: Good evening, I'm Minho.
01:39: Key: Good evening, everyone. I'm Key.
01:41: Onew: We're SHINee.

01:46: Fan Question 1: What is your favorite song in the album "Boys Meet U"?
01:55: Jonghyun: I like Password the most.
01:57: Fan: Me, too!
01:59: Jonghyun: Yeah, we're the same, right?
02:01: Key: You're fast.
02:03: Minho: Me, too.
02:04: Key: You're fast.
02:05: Onew: Me, too.
02:07: Key: Fast!
02:09: Minho: As for me, it's Breaking News.
02:12: MC: You like it the most?
02:12: Minho: Yes.
02:13: Why is that?
02:14: Minho: I like the dance.
02:16: MC: Huh?
02:17: Jonghyun/Minho: The dance.
02:18: MC: Oh I see you like the dance.
02:20: Taemin: I like I'm With You.
02:26: MC: And the reason is?
02:28: Taemin: I think the melody and the lyrics are pretty.
02:32: MC: I see...
02:34: Onew: I like 1000 Years, Always Be By My Side.
02:39: Minho: Ohh. What's the reason?
02:40: Onew: Inside...in the song, the bridge part...
02:47: Jonghyun: Isn't that your part?
02:49: Key: As expected.
02:50: Onew: Yes, it is.
02:52: Onew: Anyway, that part.
02:54: MC: You like it.
02:55: Onew: Yes.
02:56: MC: I see.
02:57: Onew: It's my own part.
02:58: MC: So you like your lines!
03:01: MC: And then, Key?
03:03: Key: Yes. Me, I like Kiss Yo the most.
03:11: Key: When we sing Kiss Yo on stage, our tension rises.

03:22: Fan Question 2: When you feel nervous, how do you calm yourself down? Do you even feel nervous in the first place?
03:28: Jonghyun: Yes, I do (get nervous)
03:29: MC: You do?
03:31: Onew: All the time.
03:34: Onew: E-e-e-even now.
03:35: MC: All the time and even now?
03:38: Key: Even right now.
03:39: Jonghyun: Even now I'm nervous.
03:39: MC: Then, you're nervous?
03:40: Onew: Y-y-yes.
03:41: Jonghyun: Are you alright?
03:43: Key: Why are you nervous?
03:45: Jonghyun: Because you have to speak in Japanese?
03:46: Onew: Yeah.
03:47: Jonghyun: That's right.
03:49: MC: So, how do you calm yourself down if you're nervous before a live or something like that?
03:56: Key: As expected, we get nervous when we were on tour. It's like we're...nervous...really...well, it's inevitable, right?
04:05: Jonghyun: That's right. Even if we're nervous...
04:07: Key: I don't think there really is a way (to calm myself down).
04:10: Key: I think that if I'm nervous on stage, I'll be able to do a perfect job.
04:21: MC: Ah, so it's like your nervousness becomes a good thing.
04:22: Key: Yes. It's because I keep thinking of what to do next and definitely do my best.

04:34: Fan Question 3: What is the members' favorite subject or subject that they're good at?
04:40: Minho: Physical Education!
04:44: MC: For Minho, it's Physical Education.
04:46: Jonghyun: Music
04:50: Minho: Key
04:51: MC: Yes, Key?
04:52: Key: For me, it's English. English and...Technology and Home Economics.
04:59: Minho: Sewing?
05:01: Key: Not sewing. It's just that my exam results were good and I had practical skills.

05:07: Fan Question 4: If you have the chance to experience a different profession for one day, what job would you like?
05:15: Taemin: I have something I want to try. I want to be a manager.
05:19: Key: Manager...
05:23: MC: Manager? Why is it?
05:26: Taemin: Since (a manager) always looks after us and gives us support. I think the manager's job is fascinating.
05:35: Jonghyun: Please become my manager.
05:39: Jonghyun: Starting tomorrow.
05:42: Jonghyun: My manager.
05:43: MC: Would you like to be Jonghyun's manager?
05:45: Taemin: I understand.
05:47: Jonghyun: You understand?! Really?
05:49: Taemin: Well then, see you.
05:52: Key: If Taemin becomes a manager all the mics will be lost.
05:56: Minho: He'll forget about the schedules, too.
05:57: MC: That would be troublesome!
05:58: Key: Yes.
06:00: MC: How about the others?
06:04: Minho: Me...Firefighter!
06:06: MC: Was it your dream when you were a child?
06:10: Minho: Whenever I see them in TV shows, the firefighters really looked cool.
06:18: Taemin: American style?
06:31: Jonghyun: I want to be a teacher.
06:34: MC: What kind of teacher?
06:35: Jonghyun: Whatever it is that I can do!
06:38: MC: So, like a dance teacher or a singing teacher?
06:41: Jonghyun: Those also sound good.
06:42: MC: Then what about the others? Onew?
06:48: Onew: Pilot! Not of a big airplane. Something like a fighter plane. Ah, then that would be Air Force, right...A spaceship!
06:57: A spaceship?
07:00: Onew: Yes.
07:02: MC: So you want to be an astronaut!
07:03: Onew: Yes.
07:05: MC: Oh, okay I get it. Then what about Key? For the last answer.
07:09: Key: Yes. Ah, I want to do any part-time job.
07:14: MC: Part-timer?
07:14: Key: Yes.
07:17: MC: What kind of part time job?
07:19: Key: I want to try being a service crew. Like in a cafe. Saying something like, "I have received your order." I want to try a part-time job like that.

07:33: Fan Question 5: If you can interview someone from the past, present, or future, who would it be?
07:42: Jonghyun: For me, I'd meet my mom in the time when she's 20 years old. And I'll ask why she married my dad.
07:55: MC: Ah, that is a bit...
07:56: Key: That's really...
07:56: MC: That's interesting.
07:57: Jonghyun: Since I'd like to marry in that vein, too, later on.
08:06: MC: That is really lovely.
08:09: Taemin: As for me...
08:10: MC: Yes, Taemin?
08:11: Taemin: I'd want to interview Michael Jackson.
08:17: MC: You want to ask him...?
08:19: Taemin: Yes.
08:23: Taemin: Please take (adopt) me, something like that.
08:25: MC: You want to be Michael Jackson's son?
08:29: Taemin: Ah, no, no. I meant like a hoobae (junior).
08:32: Jonghyun: A student, student.
08:36: MC: How about the others?
08:37: Minho: As for me, I'll go back a year
08:40: Onew: No, you can't.
08:41: Minho: I'll ask Steve Jobs about his next project. Then I'll try to start that project.

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