[TRANS] 150315 Eumsaeeun Instagram Update with Minho: 'Being touched' is emotion meanwhile seems I lived and really forgot about it. I'm really envious about Minho who said he's 'touched'. These days I have many thoughts, holding hurting tummy and today too I'm not be able to sleep. #SHINeeJapanConcert #Congratulations #WhatImpressionIs ??? https://instagram.com/p/0OCMXSE4g2/

Picture: 1. SHINee Minho: Ke yes Please keep in touch for sure Now you finished answering TT I was very touched today ㅠㅜ 2. You've worked hard!! Charming Minho-ya!! 3. SHINee Minho: Yes he Really TT I liked it TT I'm really ㅜ touched TT

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