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Give Us Legends-Press Release

Today the Give Us Legends campaign team and our many allies around the world awoke to the news that our message was spreading throughout the internet. Many news websites from Tech Times to Yahoo were sharing with the world information about the release of our billboard in San Francisco. Many of the news articles also point to our website and give a little information on just what it is Star Wars Expanded Universe fans are after with this effort.

To be clear, the Give Us Legends movement has no desire to hinder Disney’s efforts with their new storyline. Many of the Give Us Legends membership have enjoyed what Disney has had to offer over the past two years and as fellow Star Wars fans we have no desire to see their enjoyment of the franchise damaged. What we are after is the continuation of the nearly four-decade old storyline that consisted of hundreds of novels, comics, video games and more. This story was discontinued on April 25th 2014 when Disney and Lucasfilm announced an end to the Expanded Universe and rebranding of the story as “Legends.”

The success of this project was dependent on one guiding principle which those of us at the heart of the effort believe to be true. That guiding principle is that there is still a large demand for the Star Wars Legends timeline to be continued as an alternate universe to Disney’s new timeline. The successful funding of this project during the holiday season, a time notoriously difficult to raise funds in, proves that we are not wrong when we believe in that principle.

We are confident that if there was any company on the face of this planet that has the capacity and the ability to make two Star Wars timelines at the same time, it is Disney through Lucasfilm. They already have the playing field set, having re-branded the stories we love as Legends to make the clear distinction between the two timelines..

Finally, we want to reiterate that the Give Us Legends team is pleased to see our efforts have reached a wider audience. This is a campaign of awareness and a campaign of action. If you wish to learn more about us, please visit our website at www.giveuslegends.net

Thank you.

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