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DJ: How many times have you been to Hokkaido?

Onew: Eight-fold?
(t/n: Onew used the wrong counter here, saying "hachiban mai". "Hachiban" means eighth, but "mai" is a counter for flat objects (like CDs, paper, etc.)

Key: This is the 2nd time?

Minho: This is the eighth time.
(t/n: Minho used the correct form here. "Hachi" means eight, and "kaime" means -nth time around.)

DJ: Ohh, so how is it? Do you have any favorite food or something in Hokkaido that you've come to like?

Taemin: I really like hokke (mackerel). We ate it recently and I've come to like it.
(t/n: the usual term for mackerel is "saba", "hokke" is more specific for Atka mackerel, it seems.)

Onew: Yeah! It was delicious!

Key: Whenever we come to Hokkaido we definitely have to eat ramen. And then, what else...there's kegani (horsehair crab).

Onew/Taemin: Horsehair crab!

DJ: Wow, that's nice!

Key: They're delicious.

Taemin: We also drank beer, right?

DJ: Ah, of course!

Key: Sapporo (beer).

DJ: Drinking, right? You must like drinking when you're taking a break, drinking beer and stuff (?)
(t/n: I'm not very sure about this sentence but I've kind of assumed the gist.)

Taemin/Minho: Ah, Key-san...

Key: No, no, no, no, no! What are you saying!


DJ: Well, eating ramen and mackerel and drinking beer, you guys must have fully enjoyed yourselves! Speaking of enjoy, yesterday you had a live performance here in Hokkaido! How was it? How did it feel seeing all those fans hyped up?

Onew: It was really a warm feeling, wasn't it?

Taemin: The cheers were also loud, so we onstage also had high tension.

DJ: Oh! Their voices have really reached you, right?

DJ: [...] Is there something that's really popular between the members?

Onew: Is there something?

Taemin: Recently, there's this game. It's a manbou (sunfish) game.
(t/n: for interested parties:
android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.selectbutton.manbotheworld&hl=ja
iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/survive!-mola-mola!/id915222954?mt=8)

Onew: Ah, the one where you raise a fish.

Taemin: Yeah, it's a sunfish-raising game.

DJ: Oh! I see, everyone is playing it? Who is the best in it among you?

Key: We just casually play it, but Onew-kun is the best. He's a true gamer.

Taemin: He just started playing all of it yesterday LOL

DJ: Eh.

Key: But really, we've been really into games a lot recently, since we casually play them.

DJ: Onew-san is the best but everyone plays games?

Key: Yes.

[Same-old discussion about I'm Your Boy album reaching number 1 and what type of album it is]

DJ: And then, after the album, next year on March 14th and 15th, toutou...toutou!
(t/n: "toutou" means finally.)

Onew: Toutou! Todo?

Minho: Todo re mi?

Onew: Todo? Todo! Uwooooooh!
(t/n: "todo" means sea lion, and onew's trying to imitate a sea lion's sound lol)

DJ: To...kyo Dome concert!

SHINee: *cheers* Thank you very much!

DJ: How did you feel when you learned about it?

Key: We announced it during our tour and everyone suddenly started crying. So when we saw it...

DJ: Everyone cried?

Key: The audience started crying, so the two of our members were moved...

Onew: Heh? Two?!

DJ: Just two of you were moved? Even though you're five?!

SHINee: LOL-ing

Key: No, no, I mean...

Taemin: All of us five were moved, but only the two of them cried.

Key: Yeah because they're moved.

DJ: Who cried?

Onew: Key-kun and...

Taemin: Say it yourself, please.

Key: Key-kun and the one who's not here, Jonghyun-kun.

DJ: You cried.

Key: Yes...even though we're performing a dance song, we were so touched we cried. But really, it's been our dream from a long time ago, so we are really looking forward to it.

DJ: It's gonna be on March 14th and 15th.

Onew: Yes. For two days.

Taemin: *sighs* I'm nervous.

DJ: You must be. Do you have any plans on what kind of live performance you want to show everyone?

Minho: We're looking forward to it and we're excited.

Key: In Tokyo Dome, we want to show them a more mature side of us. With that thought, we'll do our best in rehearsing until those days.
(t/n: he means to show that they've grown, etc.)

Minho: Especially since it's White Day...

DJ: Ah, that's right!

Key: Yes, on the 14th.

Minho: We want to create good memories with everyone.

DJ: White Day! So it's like you're going to give back to the fans by doing a wonderful live performance. But do you have some habits/things that you need to do before a live performance, like what everyone has to do or something?
(t/n: she means like a cheer or group hug or something lol)

Onew: Fighting?

Minho: We shout "Fighting!", right?

DJ: Ah, you all put your hands in the middle...

Minho: Yes, the SHINee members, the backup dancers, and the band members...

Key: Also, I think it's special that before the concert, we eat food that are popular in the area.

DJ: Local goods?

Key: Yeah, someone would cater for us and have all these local goods. During that time, SHINee members eat together.

DJ: Then even here in Hokkaido?

Key: Yes, even in Hokkaido. Last night we had this...ramen?

Taemin: Tsukemen?

Key: Tsukemen-like ramen without soup. We ate it.
(t/n: tsukemen is similar to ramen, but the noodles and broth/sauce are served separately. but that is not what key was talking about lol)

Onew: Oil ramen?

DJ: Ah! Abura soba!
(t/n: abura soba is ramen noodles with toppings but no soup, just a small amount of sauce made of soy sauce and oil.)

Onew: Abura cadabra!
(t/n: Onew's making a pun...)

Key: No, it's not an incantation!

DJ: But you're not wrong. Since it's really ramen (noodles) and oil. Isn't that delicious?

Onew: Yes!

Key: It's delicious.

DJ: So everyone eats local goods together, like abura soba, then you join hands and shout "Fight!" or something. Do you have a specific cheer that you shout?

Taemin: I'm embarrassed.

Minho: SHINee World.

Key: Something like, "SHINee World!"

Onew: It means...It means "for SHINee World..."

SHINee + DJ: .....LOL

Taemin: Of course that's a given!

Onew: Eh really? Is it just me (who understands what I said)?

Key: It means something like, "through this concert, we'll create a world with SHINee".

DJ: SHINee World. That's nice! I think that in Tokyo Dome, even here in Hokkaido, you manage to create such a world.

SHINee: ...

DJ: Why are you all laughing, are you alright?


Key: No it's just... in order to be able to convey properly we'll do our best in learning Japanese LOL

DJ: No, it's not a problem at all! It's fine!

Onew: I'll do my best!

DJ: You convey your thoughts really well. However, we've run out of time.

Key: That's fast.

DJ: Really fast. So, do you have any last messages to our listeners? Right now many people are listening in.

Taemin: We're doing all our best, so please do come and see us. Please come see us in Tokyo Dome, too.

[introducing next song]

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