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【Trans】JAEJOONG : THE SHAPE OF LOVE THAT I THINK②(Sunday Mainichi 2019.9.29)

Q: Please tell us about other songs. First, the first song “Aishiteru”. (by Mika Nakashima)
J: “Aishiteru” is the song I heard most when I first came to Japan. I remember listening very often when I didn’t understand Japanese well and my Japanese was the worst. The lyrics were easy to remember.

Q: It’s a memorable song for you.
The next “Mirai YosouzuⅡ” (by DREAMS COME TRUE) is the lead song that can be said to be the face of the album.
J: "Mirai Yosouzu II" is a song that the audience sing together when I sing at the concert. So it's a special song for me, and both men and women can easily get into the lyrics world, so I think more people can enjoy it.

Q: What about “Melody”? (by Koji Tamaki)
J: I sang this on NHK's song program just before the cover album was planned. I sang at the closest time and thought it was a very good song, so I decided it in. I sang at the concerts, then in the last part of the lyrics, “Nakanaide (Don’t cry),” tears always came out. I thought that the song that made me cry was a really good song, so I definitely decided to put it in the album.

Q: I heard that you covered "Kanade" (by Sukima Swich) for the first time.
J: I've heard it many times before, but actually never sang it by myself. I sang for the first time when recording, but it was difficult. I changed the key up by two steps at first, but it didn't suit me, and then tried the key down, but it also didn't fit. This song and “Chicken Rice” (by Masatoshi Hamada and Noriyuki Makihara) were the most difficult songs.

Q: Was “Chicken Rice” difficult, too?
J: This was difficult in another sense from “Kanade”. The lyrics written by Hitoshi Matsumoto-san are unique in the Kansai dialect, and above all, the musical rule of matching the number of melody and lyric sounds is completely destroyed. Lol. Like “I don't care about the melody, anyway, I just want to express this. You, sing well.” It was really difficult.

Q: The album's last number “Forget-me-not” (by Yutaka Ozaki) is a familiar song in your concerts.
J: Yes. Because of that, recording took less than an hour.

Q: The reason why you sing so many times is that Jaejoong-san likes this song and Ozaki-san, aren't you?
J: That's right. But I think it is a little bit wasteful.
Q: What do you mean?
J: Actually, this song should be heard live. Looking at Ozaki-san's live video, when he sings this song, we can understand “what he wants to express” even though his voice almost doesn't come out. When I sing this song at a concert, I sing with a very emotional expression. If you listen to this song in a way that understands like that, the charm of this song will be transmitted more. In that sense, this song is “wasteful to listen with CD”. So, when you listen to this song, please listen while imagining my facial expression.

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