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What a weekend it has been. The results from Super Thursday came rolling in with more than a few surprises. Labour lost Hartlepool to the Conservatives, prompting much criticism and a Sunday night re-shuffle of the party, which in turn prompted much criticism. But there was still some success for the party in Wales, where it secured an effective majority.

The Green Party saw gains up and down the country in their best ever election, prompting co-leader Jonathan Bartley to declare "a Green wave is sweeping the country." North of the border, another independence referendum is looking increasingly more likely, with the pro-independence Greens adding enough votes to the SNP's to secure a majority in Holyrood.

In Westminster, ministers seem intent combatting virtually non-existent voter fraud by suggesting photo ID be required for voting. Charities and campaigners have criticised the move, saying it will put up more barriers for already disenfranchised voters. Evidence suggests it will have either no effect or negative effects.

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