[Seek IV] Jonghyun x Onew: The seniors who understand and worry for each other.

Onew: I like Jonghyun's mouth.
Jonghyun: Mouth?
Onew: Because he can put his own thoughts into his own words and convey them properly. I think his power to express things is amazing.
Jonghyun: Then you like my words, you mean. Not my mouth (LOL). As for me, I like Onew-kun's funny side (how he makes people laugh). But actually I wish that Onew-kun will fix a part of him, too.
Onew: Where, where?
Jonghyun: Sometimes, your jokes are hard to understand so it's bothersome (LOL).
Onew: .......I'm sorry (LOL).

Jonghyun: Onew-kun! Sometimes your gags are hard to understand! LOL
Onew: I think it's amazing how (Jonghyun) expresses in his own words.


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