[Apink Interview for Haruhana Aug. 2014] NAEUN

Name: Son Naeun
Birthdate: February 10, 1994
Blood type: B
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Shoe size: 24.0 cm
Special skill: drawing
Favorite food: everything
Hated food: cooked pineapple
Favorite color: black
Unique habits: touching (my) hair
Current favorite music: Michael Jackson's "Love Never Felt So Good"
Favorite hangout (in Korea): gym
Current interest: Sarang (Superman Returns), Guillaume Musso's books
Childhood dream: to be a painter/artist

Q1: I am the number 1 _____ in Apink!
A1: Number one careless member (LOL). I easily get sick or injured.

Q2: What is your ideal type?
A2: An honest and manly person. Instead of being just being manly on face value, I like someone who is manly on the inside.

Q3: What is the thing you last do before you go to sleep and the thing you first do upon waking up?
A3: The last thing I do before I sleep is set the alarm. The first thing I do upon waking up is check the time, then check if my face is swollen (LOL).

Q4: Since debut, what is the happiest thing that has happened to you?
A4: Hearing the fans cheer for us.

Q5: What are you best 3 favorites among the Apink songs?
A5: 1) So Long. 2) I Need You. 3) Cat

Q6: Do you have any moments wherein the members tell you, "You shock/surprise me"?
A6: I hear that a lot whenever I spill coffee or juice (LOL). Also, whenever I make a face when we eat hotteok and I burn myself on the filling and spill them.

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