[SHINee] 150313 Oricon Style Interview - Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin

For two days, on 3/14 adnd 3/15, SHINee are to perform in Tokyo Dome. As they're waiting for their concert that's coming soon, we're expecting them to be nervous, but contrary to our expectations the members wore a relaxed expression from beginning to end. This time, we talked about their excitement about Tokyo Dome, the release of their new single, "Your Number", as well as reminiscing of their four years since their Japan debut. (x. Jonghyun wasn't able to attend due to conflict of schedules.)

-----The Member's Respective Charms

Q: Please tell us your feelings about the fact that the dream you've had long ago, going to Tokyo Dome, is going to come true soon.
Key: Mostly, we're really looking forward to it and wanting to stand on Tokyo Dome's stage as soon as possible. Tokyo Dome was a place we've been dreaming of performing in since our debut. Right now, we're rehearsing for it and we're imagining a lot of things. But even though it's very soon, to be honest, we still couldn't believe that this is happening.

Q: Are you nervous?
Taemin: Of course we are (LOL). But since it's our first Tokyo Dome concert, to be able to satisfy everyone by showing them the best performance, we are rehearsing with all our might instead of being anxious. Other than that, we're confident that it could be a good concert!

Q: We look forward to it. Well then, please tell us about your new song, "Your Number".
Taemin: This song expresses the love between a man and a woman. When you listen to it, the "Can I get your number" line gets repeated a lot. Also, it showcases SHINee's lyrical dance.
Minho: In the music video, we fall in love with a girl, and it became a story about getting her number. We also had different date scenes in the MV so please do check it out.

Q: Everyone was so shy, right? (LOL) Please tell us about the coupling song, "LOVE".
Key: It's different from "Your Number" which is a dance number. It's a ballad and it's the song we're looking forward to singing in Tokyo Dome the most.

Q: Well then, in reference to the title, "LOVE", do you usually feel LOVE from the members?
Onew: I'm always giving them love.
Everyone: LOL
Taemin: You mean if I feel love from the members, right? Um... LOL
Onew: What?
Taemin: I won't say (LOL).
Key: As for me, it's not that I feel love given to me by the members...
Taemin: You don't feel loved?
Key: It's more like (their love for other things), Taemin likes anime, for example.
Taemin: LOL!
Key: He loves anime so much he checks them every week, without passion you can't do that, right?

Q: That is true...
Taemin: I love anime.
Key: And also, Minho loves working out. When he's done with schedules, he goes to play basketball. If he doesn't love it that much, it's impossible, right? And then Onew...
Taemin: He loves food so much (LOL).
Onew: For me, it's eating and sleeping.
Key: You really love sleeping (LOL).
Onew: And then Key...
Key: As for me, I love myself (LOL).
Onew: It's the most important!
Taemin: Also, recently, he loves going to the cafe every morning. Furthermore, he loves going alone.

Q: Alone?!
Key: Yes, I go by myself. Since our schedules usually start by afternoon. Even though I'm not really a morning person, I'm the type who has to do something the moment he wakes up. It's like, I become sad when I have nothing to do so I go shopping in the supermarket, just to go out for a bit.

Q: You really seem to be the active type who likes moving around. On the contrary, is there someone among you who just stays in his room?
Key: Except for me, the rest of the members are like that (LOL). But aside from morning, I think all of us normally go out.
Onew: Jonghyun especially stays in his room all the time.

Q: Are there anyone else who's not a morning person?
Minho/Onew: *raise hands*
Taemin: It's because Onew loves sleeping (LOL).

Q: That's true. Also, Key is called as a fashion leader, so you also love fashion, right?
Key: (LOL) I'm like Taemin who also goes to the internet to check out fashion.
Taemin: I check anime, though. (LOL)

Q: Well then, in "Your Number" lyrics, there's a line that goes, "While quietly concealing our similar feelings for each other
It is like time has stopped." Has something like this happened to you?
Taemin: Ah, during that time we just debuted, when I made a mistake during our dance I thought, "Ah, this is bad, what do I do?" and that time went by really slowly, as if it's a movie. Everyone, including my family's faces, were blurry (LOL). I was so nervous at that time.

Q: There are times like that, right? But when you are standing on stage, we couldn't feel any nervousness from you at all.
Taemin: Since we're experienced now, we seldom feel nervous, but when we were newbies we were just really starting everything so we're nothing but nervous.

Q: Well then, in "Your Number" there's a line that goes, "I want to know you". In reference to that, please tell us about your individual charms.
Onew: Then, I'll start!
Minho: Leader!
Onew: I will talk about Key's charm. He's always taking care of the person next to him.
Everyone: LOL
Onew: Also, he has a strong sense of love for himself, so I want to learn from him.

Q: Strongly narcissistic but very caring, right? Then, please tell us about Onew's charms, Key.
Key: If you look at Onew, don't you always get a feeling of gentleness? But he also has an opposite persona. He's very strict when it comes to work, and sometimes his wild side also comes out. He continuously practices and believes that he needs to do things right.

Q: He's hardworking.
Key: He's hardworking, but he rarely shows that side of him so I think it's wild (LOL).

Q: I see. Then, Taemin, please tell us about Minho's charm.
Taemin: He has a positive personality...and...(at a loss for words)...that's what I think.
Key: Wait, that's it?!
Taemin: For example, when I feel tired, he goes, "let's do our best!" and enlivens us. He's a moodmaker.
Minho: As for me, Taemin's charm that I see is that he is aggressive (t/n: he used the term "carnivore" for this lol), and gets obsessed over carrying out one thing to the end with all his effort. His concentration is really amazing.
Taemin: On the contrary, I am incapable of coordinating when it comes to other things.

Q: Today, Jonghyun cannot be with us, but please also tell us about his charm.
Onew: I think that his vocal ability is really strong. No matter where or when he sings, he manages to pull in the listeners, he has that kind of appeal.

Q: I think that (Jonghyun's voice) contrasting with Onew's voice produces a yet superb tone colour, right? Onstage, of course SHINee's teamwork is impressive, do you have any secret about your teamwork? Do you talk a lot with each other?
Onew: I think that when we talk a lot with each other, our team work becomes better.
Key: Since during our trainee days, we've been together for no less than 8 years, so we understand each other's strong and weak points. Naturally we don't even fight anymore. So we don't really do anything special with regards to our teamwork.

-----Starting with Tokyo Dome, We Want to Be a Superior SHINee!

Q: By the way, it's been four years since your Japan debut, do you feel it was long ago?
Minho: I feel like time is moving fast. It's strange that we even have done 3 tours already.
Onew: We're always looking forward to it.

Q: After four years, do you feel like you've changed, like are there parts wherein you feel that you've grown.
Key: Every year we talk about how we want to show a more adult side of us. This time in "Your Number" when we introduce it, we always say that we do our best to show our mature side in it. And then, to show everyone how we've grown, we seriously challenged various things. Of course, we couldn't forget our foundations, we have our own way of presenting our singing and dance performance skills. I think that our individual ways of expressiveness changed a lot in four years.

Q: Last year, you had a lot of things, including solo activities. What left you the most impression?
Key: I think the nationwide hall tour left the most impression on us.
Minho: We went to a lot of places and met a lot of fans, we obtained a lot (of impressions), several tens accumulated. I hope that Tokyo Dome this time will also link back to those (impressions).
Key: It's our first time experiencing it, and we were happy that we were so close to the audience. We were also enlightened about a lot of things and we improved our Japanese.

Q: Today's interview we mostly spoke in Japanese, and based on your answers to this question your comprehension is really amazing!
Key: Since even though we went back and forth from Korea to Japan, we've stayed almost half a year in Japan.
Onew: We haven't stayed long in Japan, but it was a good experience.

Q: Then, from all your activities so far, what do you think is SHINee's best charm point?
Key: I think it's that the five of us have a good balance as a group.
Onew: Synergy!
Taemin: Also, even though it's weird to say this myself...
Key: That's alright (LOL).
Taemin: ...I think that our dancing and singing ability are high-leveled!

Q: Assembling the talents of the five of you, SHINee is, in many ways, the strongest group, right?
Minho: Because we believe in that, we've come this far. And from now on, we'll continue to develop our strengths even more.

Q: In "LOVE", there are lyrics that go, "I only have one desire" and "I only have one wish". Right now, do you have a thought that you embrace or as SHINee, do you have a new dream/wish?
Minho: That everyone stays healthy.
Onew: That everyone is happy.
Taemin: Using Tokyo Dome as our starting point, I want to be a superior SHINee and for that I want to work hard for it!

Q: By the way, with regards to Tokyo Dome, did you receive any advice from your company seniors, TVXQ?
Taemin: During SMTown, they told us, "You'll be able to do it soon so do your best!" even though nothing had been planned yet that time. We always meet with our TVXQ seniors and they always tell us motivational things and encourage us.
Minho: We always wished that we'd also go on dome tours like TVXQ, but right now we're focused on Tokyo Dome that's right before us.
Key: Also, we can't say we haven't dreamed of performing in large venues, but for now we want to level up as a group first.

Q: But even if you've become bigger, you can't forget where you come from.
Key: Of course! Also my personal goal is to master Japanese perfectly. Last year, I've started seriously studying.
Onew: You're able to read kanji little by little now.
Taemin: Our levels are really that far apart ..... (LOL)
Key: This is because I've been studying really hard.
Taemin: But since Key's level has gone up, I also want to improve beside him so please take care of me (LOL).
Key: Understood!

Q: Then, please leave a message to Oricon Style readers.
Key: Talking about Oricon, last year our 3rd album "I'm Your Boy" reached number one because of the fans' support and for that we are very grateful.
Onew: To our fans, because of you we have achieved our dream to stand and perform on Tokyo Dome. But for us it's just starting so we promise to show you a good performance. Please continue to take care of SHINee from now on.


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