Soph! 김재중?

[TRANSCRIPT] Jaejoong's VCR message to Joongki

I don't know how to describe my heart that I'm sending my friend (to the army).
Above all your friends and family, your fans who are present here must feel sad the most.

Uh... (to Joongki's fans) it must be hard for you, right?
Nevertheless, I hope you can make your last but greatest moments for Joongki today.

And Joongki, I hope you'll fulfill military duty well as my future senior soldier, take care of yourself, and then come back home safely.

Yeah, I'll probably be your junior! (Joongki: you should come too~)
While you are in the army, I'll be working hard here.
Umm.. When I follow on you there and become your junior, please be nice to me! ^^

I'd like to have a meal with you before I send you there.
I wish you good health always, and I love you.
Please take care of yourself and come back safely.

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