[SEEK IV] Onew x Key - SHINee's Leader and SHINee's brain.

Key: Recently, Onew seems to be so obedient. I think I know the reason for it.
Onew: What is it?
Key: Although we always seem to forget, you're already 25 years old (LOL). But you sometimes act younger than the rest of us.
Onew: Key is just more mature than I am. Key's mindset is to take out the parts that cause us (SHINee) uneasiness/anxiety and use them as an opportunity to try out new things.
Key: (seriously) We weren't really aware of it, but we really have grown up... (*)

Onew: Whatever in Key's head (his ideas/thoughts/etc) is very important to SHINee!
Key: Onew will catch up eventually (LOL) (**)
Onew: I want Key to talk about opportunities always.

(t/n (*): I think the last part by Key is not a random comment but a reply to Onew's sentiment. The fact that they have tried out new things and changed parts of them for the better is a sign that they've matured. (**) This statement by Key has double meaning, because the word he use can either mean "catch up" or "young". I'm not sure which one he is referring to.)


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