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Football manager Alan Pardew had an extramarital affair with young Liverpool singer Natalie Reeves for some months in 2006. The press at first held back on reporting it since Pardew's wife, Tina, was allegedly suffering from extreme stress at the time and making suicide threats. Natalie's husband, Karl Owens, the person who first let the press know about the affair, wanted revenge and harassed Pardew via telephone and email. If the press wouldn't publish it, he intended to spread the details of the affair on the internet, including emails and other correspondence between Pardew and Natalie. Pardew successfully obtained a court injunction banning Owens from talking any further to journalists or of communicating the story via the internet. Pardew is also rumoured to have had an affair with the wife of footballer Carl Fletcher and later transferred Fletcher when he found out about it. Pardew left West Ham soon after these reports emerged.

From: "karl owen" <bonsos@hotmail.co.uk>
To: tidesthatchange@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: alan pardew stole my wife!!
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 20:11:03 +0100

My name is Karl an im currently getting divorced because
west ham ( the family club) manager Alan Pardew had an affair with
my wife Natalie Reeves ( from liverpool) As west ham fans will know
alan is married to a lovely fragile woman from Sweden called Tina
Pardew and they have 2 kids. (nice family man)
Tina knows about the affair and has "apparently tried to commit
suicide".Pardew took my wife to New York for a sordid session and
used west hams expenses to do this ( his excuse was he was signing
Jonathon Spector ) which he did.

My wife has received lots of money an gifts off Pardew an i have had
nothing so i took my story to the papers thinking 'hell' i deserve a
quick buck but little did i know that west hams publicist is a guy
called PHIL HALL who used to be the editor of NEWS of the WORLD so
he knows everybody in the press world........arg. He is telling
every reporter and editor that ive talked to that his wife is gonna
commit suicide how sick is that. this is why i have attached my
contracts from 3 national papers.

Mail on Sunday
Daily Mirror

and a pic of them in new york together and a pic of me on my wedding
day with natalie

Take special note to ALAN PARDEW calling a member of the LIVERPOOL
team a SPIC
and calling the TOTTENHAM HOSTPUR players YIDS racist b*****d i hope
especially supporters of these clubs give him abuse at the
game...ok thanks for your time
Karl x







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