Fan account for SNSD's 7th anniversary fan meeting in Seoul (Part I)

Beware before you read this fan account!

-My English is not great. I’ll try my best but there is a possibility of miss-translation.
-I recorded the whole event but the quality is not good. I'll definitely reference it but there could be some errors anyway.
-This is not a translation of other fan account. It is my original, and I’m writing down in English.
-I’ll put this via my twitter account, but if you like to put it somewhere else, I don’t mind. However, please make sure where the source is.
-It is VERY long. I repeat. It is VERY LONG.

1. Before entrance

Fan meeting was held in Donghae Culture & Art Center in Kwang Woon University, 2014.7.27. I arrived there about 16:30, and many SONEs were already there.

With ticket, audiences received SONE balloon, small firecracker(for birthday party), and small books which contain Girls' greetings for 7th anniversary.

2. First stage: Mr.Mr.

Entrance was delayed, so the event started 30 minutes later than scheduled. At 18.30, lights were out and girls came out and started singing 'Mr.Mr.' Girls all wore pink outfits which reminds me of their old cutie days.

3. Second stage: Mr. Taxi

There was an error at the beginning, since the intro of 'Dancing Queen' came out for a while. But it stopped, and with the intro of 'Mr. Taxi' Girls started to perform it. During the stage, Tiffany and Taeyeon made heart sign to fans together at the latter part of the song and fans went wild.

4. Introduction / Celebration

Girls went back inside but apparently it was a wrong move because I heard a voice behind me yelling 'Do not go back, you have to stay there and do the next part!' lol

Girls reappeared, and Seohyun yelled "We missed you SONEs!" very loud. Of course fans cheered back loud. After every member came out, they greeted to fans with typical "1,2,3 안녕하세요, 소녀시대입니다!" (Good evening, we're Girls' Generation!)

Sooyoung: (stared the 2nd floor and said) Fans from the 2nd floor, hello!

Sooyoung: Apparently you guys were late at ticketing (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: Next time you must practice harder! (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: (stared front row of the 1st floor and added) These fans here must be very good at registering for courses at college, too. (fans laughed) (In Korea, there are severe competition for registering popular courses at college.)

Taeyeon: It's been a very long time, isn't it? First stage was......what was it? (fans laughed and other members told her it was Mr.Mr.) Ah, right we did Mr.Mr. and Mr. Taxi.

Seohyun: You look nervous.

Taeyeon: Yeah, I am.

Tiffany: We all seem nervous.

Yuri: Yeah, because it's been such a long time......

Taeyeon: Anyway, we performed 2 songs....how long has it been for us to perform Mr. Taxi in Korea? (Fans said "Long time ago" and Taeyeon laughed) Yeah, it was long time ago....

Taeyeon: OK girls, let's introduce yourselves to fans, saying what you did recently.

Sunny: Well, many of us did some individual activities and only team activity we've done recently was Japan Arena Tour, isn't it?

SNSD: Sunny is playing a role in musical now...(fans cried)

Sunny: Luckily, it will be over soon. Only 2 performances left. (laugh) For radio stuff, well I'm not sure when will be the end of it....

Taeyeon: Is it 'Soon D' or 'Sun D'? (In Korea, many people call radio DJ with his or her name + D) Which one is correct? I guess it's 'Soon D'.

Sunny: Well, 'Soon D' or 'Kkoong D' call me whatever you guys want because I'll get it anyway. (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: Wait, we didn't introduce tonight's MC yet. MC should be introduced by others.

Seohyun: Tonight's MCs are!!!!!!!!!!! Two short unnies! (fans cried) They are....Soonkyu unnie and Taengoo unnie!

Sunny: Yeah, it's been a long time we acted together as 'Dandyu'.

Sooyoung: I think you two should sit side by side.

Sunny: Shall we? Well, you want small ones to sit together.

Taeyeon: Sunny, will I go there or will you come over here?

Sunny: Um.....I'll go there.

Sunny: (To fans) Anyway, do you all remember where this place is? Do you remember what this place means to us? (fans said "yes")

Sunny: Yes, you guys are right. This is where we held fan meeting at 1st anniversary. (fans cried) Such a meaningful place, that's why we hold 7th anniversary fan meeting here, to make ourselves feel just like the first time we met. (fans cried)

Sunny: (To staffs) How long the fan meeting is scheduled for tonight? What? No timetable? So we can go on forever? (fans cried) OK, did you guys bring sleeping bags? What? You don't need them? So you're gonna sleep here without them, Seohyun? (fans laughed)

Seohyun: Well, my clothing is quite soft and fleecy so I don't mind....(fans laughed)

Sunny: Your mouth can still turned to one side if you're not careful (laugh) OK, so shall we go on without timetable tonight? (fans cried)

Taeyeon: Yeah, we don't have to fix a timetable. We can talk about many stuffs while chatting. Hope we can use our time to talk about what's necessary for this moment.

Sunny: (To fans) I see, so call your moms and tell them you're gonna be late. (fans laugh)

Sunny: Well then, me and Taeyeon will lead the show and let every member speak.

Taeyeon: Yes, and though we're holding cue cards, other members still have mics so everyone feel free to talk.

Sunny: So, what particular individual activities you've done recently? For Jessica, it was 'Jessica & Krystal'...(fans cried)

SNSD: And Sooyoung is filming a drama. (fans cried)

Sunny: When will it be aired?

Sooyoung: It'll be aired first on September 10th, unless anything happens. (fans laughed)

Tiffany: She filmed it today before coming here. (and stroked Sooyoung's hair)

Sooyoung: I like being crowded.

Taeyeon: And YoonA got a good news, right?

YoonA: Yes, I got a good news. (smiled) I will shoot a movie in China. (fans cried)

SNSD: Movie star YoonA!

YoonA: Everybody is so supportive, so I'm confident I can do well. (fans cried)

Tiffany: Well, I'm playing "changing hair style game" with Taeyeon and Seohyun. (fans cried, since she definitely was talking about TTS's comeback. Tiffany dyed her hair to blonde.)

Sunny: Tiffany, why? Why do you play that game? (fans yelled "TaeTiSeo!")

Tiffany: They all know~ (laugh)

Sunny: Well, we all know, right? No? (fans laugh) I expect you guys already know what we're talking about. Anyway, who else had an individual activity? (silence)

Taeyeon: We're all preparing for something all the time. (laugh)

Sunny: Yeah, we do. (laugh)

Taeyeon: (To Sunny) So please invite us to your radio show! (fans cried)

Sunny: Line up in order, then. There are too many people waiting for their orders.

Taeyeon: It seems many guests are on the line.......

Sunny: (To Taeyeon) You should come to my show and sing~ (fans cried) let's make a deal, here. (She pinkie swears with Taeyeon.)

Taeyeon: MBC radio station is like home for me, too.

Sunny: Right. Do you know the station will move soon?

Taeyeon: Yeah, I heard it will move to somewhere far.

Sunny: So you can come and sing for commemorative purpose.

Taeyeon: OK, enough of private chatter. (fans laugh) Since it's our 7th anniversary fan meeting, we want to talk about many things with fans. I know it's so formal and typical, but we need to bring the cake out, at least. (fans cried) We want to celebrate with fans.

(enter cake, fans and Girls sang birthday song together.)

Tiffany: Our outfits and this cake match too well. (Indeed, cause they were all pinks lol)

(Girls cut the cake together. And Sooyoung and Tiffany started argueing for something.)

Tiffany: (To Sooyoung) Why do you blame me for this? You know I'm not the one! (laugh)

Sooyoung: (To Tiffany) You just cut it in a wrong way! (fans laughed) Look at this! (cake was cut in a wrong way, indeed. Fans laughed.)

Yuri: It's OK, it's OK.

Sunny: (To fans) Typical us, isn't it? We're doing 7th anniversary like ourselves. (laugh)

Taeyeon: The cake is so pink. Like SNSD.

Sunny: This cake is for 7th anniversary. Do you realize the meaning of it?

Yuri: Well, most people say girls' group hardly last for more than 5 years. (fans cried) It's almost unbelievable we've come this far. Kinda weird. I guess there are some fans here who came to our 1st year anniversary fan meeting. (fans cried)

Sooyoung: (looking at pictures at the rear part of the stage) Is there any picture for that 1st year fan meeting?

Taeyeon: Those pictures are from later days. Is it from Genie?

SNSD: Is it from Japan activity?

Sunny: We took too many pictures.......

Sooyoung: (looking at some pictures) Well, that was when we're not pretty.....(fans laughed) Since they liked us from that time, it means they REALLY liked us. (fans laughed)

Sunny: So, back to the topic. How do you feel about 7th anniversary?

Taeyeon: Let's talk about the feeling one by one.

Sunny: Let's start from YoonA. (YoonA was at the very right side.)

YoonA: I stood here to avoid that question but Sunny unnie is gone. (Sunny was standing at the right side of YoonA at the beginning.) (fans laugh) In fact, I couldn't participate in the first fan meeting because I was shooting drama then. So I was like, 'Ah, so this is the place!' I'm really happy we have an event like this so that we can all meet. Thank you. (fans cried)

Sunny: It's better because YoonA is here with us tonight.

YoonA: Aing! (She did 'aegyo' lol) (fans cried)

YoonA: I'm sorry....(fans laughed)

(It was Jessica's turn)

YoonA: (showing Jessica's hair to fans) She cut her front hair! (fans cried) It's pretty!

Jessica: Thank you. (smiled) Well, 7 years could be considered long or short by certain perspectives. I like the fact that I got people who could stay with us from the beginning, just like family. Also, thank you for coming here tonight. (fans cried)

5. Making ice flakes

Taeyeon: Yeah, right. It was hot today, and fans came here from everywhere. I know you guys had tough time outside because of hot weather, so we want to give you some cool stuffs. (fans cried)

Hyoyeon: It's what we like the best. Seohyun loves it, especially. It's for summer.

Seohyun: It's ice flakes! (fans cried)

SNSD: (Humming Yoon Jong-Shin's song "Ice Flakes" together)

Sunny: So, how do we make it? How many plates do we have? Do we have to make it by each person?

Hyoyeon: Here are aprons.

Taeyeon: We can make 3 teams with 3 people each.

Sunny: That's good.

Yuri: So, 3 here, 3 in the middle, and 3 in the middle again, and.......well, that's it. (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: Ah that was so not funny.(fans laughed)

Yuri: It wasn't meant to be funny!

Sunny: So, shall we take time for making ice flakes, then?

Taeyeon: OK.

Sunny: While making them, we can continue talking about how we feel about 7th anniversary. Was it Seohyun's turn?

Hyoyeon: (interrupting) After we finish making ice flakes, will we eat them or give them to fans?

Sunny: Well, it depends on the quality of the products. (fans laughed) If they're good, then we'll give them to fans. If not, we gotta bring them back home. (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: I think it's awkward for fans to watch us without nothing, so let's give them to fans. (fans cried) (To fans) However, you should eat the whole thing. (fans laughed)

Sunny: OK, let's start and also talk about the topic.

Taeyeon: Sunny, I think we'd better split this time so that we can interview from each side while they're making ice flakes. YoonA, come here and change with me.

YoonA: Me? (fans laughed) OK.

(Team A is Sunny, YoonA, Yuri. Team B is Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon. Team C is Jessica, Seohyun, Taeyeon.)

Taeyeon: It'll be very awkward if we're just making ice flakes and do nothing else, so me and Sunny will interview others while doing it.

Sunny: So, what's your feeling, Seohyun?

(Sooyoung and Tiffany was arguing about ingredients and it looked so funny, fans all laughed.)

Tiffany: Well, please give us time to concentrate. We'll try hard.

(Girls started making ice flakes)

Taeyeon: You must grind ices, first. There are many toppings. It's grape...no, it's blueberry. Blueberry, cherry, rice cakes, jelly, kiwi, banana......(looking at Team C's machine, which is discharging water) hey why is it peeing now? (fans laughed) Tiffany, grind ices.

Sunny: So, when can we hear Seohyun's voice? (fans laughed)

Seohyun: Um, well.......

Taeyeon: You don't have to talk about some serious stuffs here. Just say whatever you want.

Seohyun: Um, well.......sorry but Jessica unnie repeatedly asks for my help, so I need to do this. (fans laughed, and Seohyun started grinding ices hard while talking. Fans cheered)

Seohyun: (still grinding) Well, 7 years mean......(fans laughed) This is too funny (laugh)

Sunny: Look at us, we're doing well.

Seohyun: (still grinding) I think we made a lot of memories for 7 years. I feel like we live together for a long time. We had some happy moments, also suffered some tough ones....and......

Taeyeon: Seohyun, are you OK?

Seohyun: No, I don't think it is the right time to talk about this (laugh) (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: OK, change of topic. What's your favorite toppings on ice flakes?

Seohyun: (without hesitation) It's adzuki beans. (fans laughed) And powder made of mixed grains.

Taeyeon: Ah, that one. Right.

Seohyun: (To Taeyeon) How about you, unnie?

Taeyeon: Um.....well.......I.......prefer strawberry. (silence) Sorry. (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: Tiffany, what's your favorite topping on ice flakes, or the best way to eat them?

Tiffany: A lot of evaporated milk on it?

Taeyeon: Ah, right. Evaporated milk makes ice flakes tender.

Tiffany: (To staffs and fans) Our machine is wrong.

Hyoyeon: Yes. We need the right one.

Tiffany: Anyway, don' you guys usually use the automatic grinder? (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: Well, we need to do it by ourselves this time. That's more meaningful.

(fans bustled while watching Team C's ice flake, since there are too many toppings on it.)

Jessica: No, Seohyun! (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: (To Seohyun) It's not for your appetite. It's for fans. (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: (To fans) It looks funny, but it's not intended that way. Since it's hot, we want you to feel cool while watching it.

Taeyeon: Sunny, how about your team?

Sunny: We're pretty good. Our ice flake has its own concept. It's 'injeolmi ice flake" (Injeolmi is a Korean traditional rice cake) It's very popular nowadays. It's trendy.

(Seohyun still put more toppings on the ice flake and Jessica was arguing with her.....)

Sooyoung: Well, speaking of concept....(Seohyun's ice flake almost collapsed and fans bustled and laughed) Our ice flake is more like "teahouse type".

Taeyeon: (To staffs) Would you please turn the volume down? Music is too loud now.

Sooyoung: Well, our ice flake is.......

Hyoyeon: Our problem is, we don't agree with the concept of ice flake. (fans laughed) We're doing things separately. (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: No, we're trying to make an old-fashioned teahouse style ice flake. (fans laughed) Some fruits, jelly, rice cakes.....

Hyoyeon: Well, this ice flake will cause dental decay. (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: Why, it's evaporated milk ice flake!

Hyoyeon: We shouldn't have any concept.

Tiffany: So, evaporated milk is not good? (fans yelled "it's good!")

Taeyeon: Well, I forgot to tell you at the beginning, but you need to finish it in 10 minutes. Also, there is an ice cream and nobody even touched it yet.

Yuri: We're using it.

Seohyun: That would be good for cream of the crop for ours.

Taeyeon: Seohyun, do you realize there is no place for additional topping for your ice flake? (fans laughed)

Sunny: Taeyeon, what ice flake are they making now?

Taeyeon: Well.........it's.....banana-nuts-evaporated milk ice flake.

Sunny: Isn't it blueberry?

Taeyeon: Yes. Seohyun put every ingredient which is good for health. (fans laughed)

(Seohyun tried to put some ice cream on the flake)

Taeyeon: No, ice cream is not good for health.

Seohyun: Well, I guess a tiny bit won't do much harm. (fans laughed)

Sunny: Make sure you put names on your ice flakes.

(Team A's ice flake is almost finished, and fans whistled.)

Yuri: Well, we're already done.

Taeyeon: OK, then we'll wrap these things up in 10 seconds.

(fans and girls chanted 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 together.)

Taeyeon: OK, stop. It's over.

Sunny: So, what's the name of each ice flake?

Yuri: We decided. Where's the camera?

Sunny: The name of our ice flake is 'Below YoonA's eyes Injeolmi ice flake' (fans laughed)

(Camera shows Team A's ice flake and fans whistled)

Yuri: Can you see it if I turn it like this? (She turned her body with ice flake awkwardly)

Sunny: I'm worried it could fell off if you do that.

Yuri: (To fans) Well, it's pretty anyway. (fans laughed)

Sunny: How about Team B?

Sooyoung: You mean the name of ours?

Hyoyeon: It's 'pretty'. (fans laughed)

Sunny: Hey, I'm talking about the name of your ice flake.

(Camera shows Team B's ice flake and fans whistled)

Sooyoung: Well, I like the reaction. Well, its name......

Hyoyeon: You said it's 'Teahouse style ice flake'. Or shall we call it 'Original ice flake'?

Yuri: How about 'Ice flake Sunday'?

SNSD: Sunday?

Sooyoung: Because today is Sunday.

Yuri: Sunday ice flake? Ice flake Sunday? Ah, forget it.

Tiffany: Anyway, it will be delicious.

Sunny: How about "I'm an ice flake chef on Sunday!" (It's a parody of famous part of popular advertisement, "Jjapagheti")

Yuri: That's too long for the name.

Tiffany: Hey, don't eat this!

Hyoyeon: OK, how about Taeyeon's team, then?

Taeyeon: Well, the name of our ice flake is.....(to camera) hey, it's here. Sorry, our ice flake is too big so that I cannot move it. (fans laughed)

Seohyun: (To fans) Doesn't it look delicious?

Jessica: OK, our ice flake is.....

Seohyun: Destined meeting between......

Jessica: Blueberries and......

Seohyun: Injeolmi~ (And they formed heart sign together lololol) (fans laughed)

Sunny: Well, it's time for somebody to eat our ice flakes. (fans cried)

Tiffany: Hey, me me~ I'm your biggest fan. (laugh)

Sunny: (ignoring) So, how do we pick?

Taeyeon: Um, how about this? Since there are 3 teams, pick one person from each team. (fans cried)

Sunny: Good, but I want it to be fair. Any idea?

Taeyeon: (To fans) OK, is there a fan who REALLY cannot stand heat? Anyone? (fans yelled and raised their hands)

Sooyoung: I saw it. That oppa with checkered shirt raised his hands first.

Taeyeon: (To Sooyoung) So, you guys picked one then? (Sooyoung nodded)

(That lucky bastard.....sorry, that lucky guy jumped up to the stage and stood between Tiffany and Sooyoung. Fans screamed.)

Taeyeon: So Sooyoung's team already picked one. Since there are too many fans here, our staffs prepared this. (Staffs brought out the box which contains every ticket of tonight's participants.)

Sunny: (To that lucky bas....sorry, that lucky guy) I know you want to eat it right away, but please wait for a second.

Taeyeon: OK, let's draw. Jessica, would you go first? OK. When Jessica announces the number, please stand up and shout "I won!" (laugh)

Jessica: It's.....1st floor......Area DA.....243! (collective sigh by fans)

Sunny: OK, stand up!

Taeyeon: You gotta stand up in 3 seconds or you'll lose your chance.....(then lucky girl stood up) Ah, there she is.

Seohyun: Welcome~

SNSD: Congratulations!

Taeyeon: OK, Team Yuri, go ahead and pick one.

Yuri: There you go. 1st floor! Area GA! 2!5!9!

SNSD: Come over here in 3 seconds! (another lucky girl stood up)

Taeyeon: I'm not sure being selected is a prize or punishment since they have to eat these whole thing......

Tiffany: Of course it's a prize! Congratulations~~

Hyoyeon: So, do we have any competition here? Like which team's ice flake is the most delicious or something like that......

Sunny: Well, how about 'which team eats fastest', then?

Tiffany: If it's delicious, then they will eat it fast, right?

Sunny: Yeah, they will eat it lightning fast.

Taeyeon: But it's too big.......

Sooyoung: Hey, if we knew there will be a competition like this, then we would've (made it smaller)

Yuri: (interrupting) Then it would've been no fun! (laugh)

Taeyeon: OK, then how about picking one more person from each team?

Jessica: Wait, but YoonA's ice flake is too small.....

Sunny: But, our girl is also skinny..........

Yuri: (To that girl) How old are you?

Girl A: 15.

Sunny: Well, let's stay as we are. One person from each team. (fans shouted with disappointment)

Sunny: (To fans with smile) Hey, do you really think you're gonna win if we draw one more time? (laugh) (To SNSD) Hm, what should we do?

Taeyeon: Since our fans want it, let's pick one more person for each team. (fans yelled with joy)

Taeyeon: Seohyun, come here and pick one.

Seohyun: (draw one) Um? What's this?

Taeyeon: (see Seohyun's draw) Wait, there's nothing on it! (fans laughed)

Seohyun: How could I pick this one among that many tickets? (fans laughed and she drew another one.)

Seohyun: OK, it's 1st floor, Area RA, 316! (fans cried, and another lucky girl stood up)

Seohyun: It's a girl!, Congrats!

Taeyeon: OK, now YoonA....

Sooyoung: I guess we should pick one, too.

Sunny: Right, right.

Sooyoung: I'll do it.

(But YoonA picked one first)

YoonA: It's...1st floor, Area NA, 296! (Man, that lucky bastard was right in front of me.....oops, sorry. That lucky 'guy' was. But I was so close. So close.)

SNSD: Congrats!

Taeyeon: If next one is from 2nd floor, then that person should jump. (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: I hope fan at 2nd floor to be picked this time.

Sooyoung: Oh, it's 2nd floor! (fans cried) Area SA, 108! (another girl stood up)

Sooyoung: Jump! (laugh)

Sunny: (To lucky fans) While we're waiting for that fan to come here from 2nd floor, how about introduce yourselves? Tell us where you're from, and how much do you like SNSD.

Girl A: I'm from Bucheon. (silence)

Sunny: Um, how should we call you, like your name or something.....

Girl A: XX (Since it's a private information, I'll skip this part.)

Sunny: Welcome! Do you like ice flake? (Girl A nodded) Good!

Sunny: (To Guy A) How about you?

Guy A: I'm XX, and I'm from Busan.

Sunny: Wow, you came a long way.

Yuri: I think our team will win! (Girl A & Guy A are members of Team Yuri-Sunny-YoonA)

Sunny: Do you like ice flake? (Guy A nodded) Good.

Taeyeon: OK, would you introduce yourself?

Guy B: I'm XX.

Taeyeon: Nice to see you. Do you like ice flake?

Guy B: I eat them well.

Taeyeon: Ah, that sounds good. You gotta be quick. Wait, the girl from 2nd floor is not here yet, right? (Because that girl was supposed to be on the same team with Guy B)

SNSD: Here she is!

Seohyun: Good job!

Taeyeon: Come over here. Your name?

Girl B: I'm XX.

Taeyeon: Oh, I see. (pause) What is this awkward atmosphere? (fans laughed)

Sunny: I guess we're all nervous....

Taeyeon: OK, how about you?

Girl C: (with sullen face) I'm XX.

Taeyeon: (without pause) Where're you from?

Girl C: XX.

Taeyeon: (without pause) What's your blood type? (fans laughed)

Girl C: A

Taeyeon: Oh, A...what's your favorite color?

Girl C: Pink.

Tiffany: Whoa~~~ (fans laughed)

Sunny: Who's your favorite artist?

Girl C: (still sullen) SNSD.

Taeyeon: Wow, I was so nervous. (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: If she answered 'Girls Day', then it would've been really funny. (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: OK, how about you?

Girl D: I'm XX.

Taeyeon: Where are you from?

Girl D: I'm from Junglang Gu. (Jungland Gu is a borough of Seoul)

Taeyeon: Ah, Junglang Gu...I feel like I'm doing radio show now. (laugh)

Taeyeon: Do you like ice flake?

Girl D: Um....well......(fans laughed)

Sunny: It's OK, you can eat slowly. (laugh)

Taeyeon: OK, everyone. Let's do this. What is the prize of winning, by the way?

Sunny: Winning team will take a picture together. (fans cried)

Taeyeon: OK, members of winning team can take a picture with us by their own cell phone. (fans cried with jealousy)

SNSD: Alright. Ready, get set, go!

(Lucky fans started to eat ice flakes.)

Hyoyeon: If you win, then raise your hand. I mean, if you finished eating......

Sooyoung: I'm worried it'll cause stomach upset.......Go easy, go easy.

(Then Guy B from Team Sooyoung-Tiffany-Hyoyeon picked up the speed....fans whistled. Finally, Guy B & Girl B won the competition.)

Tiffany: Wow~~~

Sooyoung: So cool~~~ manly~

Taeyeon: Wow, they eat them all.

Yuri: I guess he has a pain in the back of his head now. (laugh)

Taeyeon: Anyway, thanks for eating everyone. How do you like it? Team Jessica-Seohyun-Taeyeon?

Girl C & D: It was good. (pause)

Taeyeon: Please be more specific! (fans laughed)

Seohyun: It's good, right?

Jessica: How was bean flour? (Seohyun & Jessica almost forced them to say yes at that time, it was laughable.)

Girl C & D: Yeah.....but it was too big.

Seohyun: Because it's filled with our loves.

Girl C & D: It's too big to eat it all.

Taeyeon: Yeah, I know......it was a reckless challenge.

Jessica: (with chic voice) Thank you. (fans laughed)

Sunny: How about Team Sooyoung-Tiffany-Hyoyeon? Could you even taste it? (because they ate it too fast)

Girl B: Yeah, I could. (laugh)

Girls: What flavor?

Girl B: Jelly.

Sunny: Ah.....wait, why do you go backward?

Hyoyeon: Doesn't matter cause camera will zoom you in. (laugh)

Sunny: (To Guy B) What did you think while eating?

Guy B: I was like, 'What the heck is this?' (fans laughed)

Sunny: So, any conclusion?

Guy B: I could only taste Jelly.

(Tiffany looked disappointed)

Taeyeon: Tiffany, are you sulky?

Sunny: Yeah, Tiffany put too many Jellies there....

Tiffany: Well that's........yeah, I did. (fans laughed)

Sunny: Congrats for winning. You'll get your prize.

Yuri: Now our team! How was it?

Girl A: (with a really small voice) It was good.

Yuri: Really?

(Then Guy A explained what flavor he tasted in much detail, fans laughed)

Girls: Ah~~~

YoonA: Our members couldn't win because the flavor was so good. They had to appreciate it by slowly eating it.

Sunny: Um, since every fan her at the stage all came out and made efforts, shall we take a picture together?

SNSD: Great!

Sooyoung: No way! Our members worked really hard to win it.

Taeyeon: Then members of winning team can take a picture with their cell phones, and we all take picture together here.

Sunny, Ah, that's a good idea.

Sooyoung: (To Girl B & Guy B) Heard it? Don't worry. You'll get your prize. (fans laughed)

SNSD: Let's get rid of the table and take a picture. Also, take off your aprons.

(staffs came out and took tables away.)

Taeyeon: (To Girl B & Guy B) Do you have your cell phones now? Oh, you do?

Sooyoung: However, they turned them off because staffs told them to do so.

Taeyeon: Ah~

Sunny: Hey, they're really good. They followed the instruction.

Taeyeon: There must be a rule about it. OK, shall we take a picture then?

SNSD: Yes!

Hyoyeon: (To Girl B & Guy B) Hey, come over here. Why do you go backward all the time? (fans laughed)

(Camera guy took a picture of them, and they're saying 'Soshi! while doing so.)

SNSD: Thank you everyone. Bye~

(luck girls and guys were out, except those 2 extremely lucky ones.)

Sooyoung: It'll take some time to turn on the phone.

Hyoyeon: Then, shall we change the prize to hugging? (laugh, some fans yelled "NO!!!!")

Tiffany: Do you like hug? Or prefer photograph? (apparently they wanted a photo.)

Sooyoung: Um, then how about taking a picture with Girl B's phone and you guys share it later? That'd be good, right?

Hyoyeon: (To Guy B) You get her number later.

Taeyeon: (intentionally angry voice) That's the problem of Android! (fans laughed)

Sooyoung: Wait, wait, it's on now.

Taeyeon: (still talking about Android) It's automatically updating, maybe that's why it's slow.

Seohyun: Oh, I don't like it.

Sooyoung: So, how do we take it? You want selfie?

Taeyeon: Selfie? Who has the longest arm? That guy should do it.

Tiffany: It's Sooyoung.

Sooyoung: OK, but if I do it, then my face will look really big.

Hyoyeon: No, no. (To camera staff) Please take a picture of us with this.

SNSD: That would be good.

(They took a picture together, and Girl B and Guy B were leaving.)

Girls: (To Girl B & Guy B) Thank you so much!

Sooyoung: You two have a pretty love~ (fans laughed)

Taeyeon: (To Girl B) Make sure you share photo with him.

(Sooyoung started singing some weird "Ddu ru Ddu Ddu" song to troll them, and fans laughed. I think the song was intro of Cranberries' "Ode to my family" but I have no idea why she sang it.)

Sunny: We're having a joyful time. What's next?

Taeyeon: Well, we prepared cake and ice flake because it's too hot......(Tiffany said "It was ice breaker." with a very small voice.) What did you say, Tiffany?

Tiffany: It's called 'ice breaker', it helps people to relax and cheer up......sorry. (fans laughed)

Sunny: I think you're spot on, Tiffany.

Taeyeon: Yeah, hope we have another opportunity like this someday.

Sunny: We will. So, what is the next one?

Taeyeon: Well, this time, we'll show you a video clip. It's never been released. (fans whistled) Even we couldn't see it yet, so we'll be watching it at the backstage, too. OK, we'll show it to you right now. We'll be out for a moment. (Girls out to the backstage.)

To be continued....(Part II)

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