The past Halloween,

What a treat.
Memories sacred,
No candy so sweet.

But now those pumpkins have rotten,
Only their ghosts remain.
And on this Halloween,
They plan to bring pain.

How will I fight them?
In Dracula's lairs am chained.
A cadre of vampires,
On my blood are sustained.

I wish they'd just kill me,
Put me out of this pain.
I'm terrified of those ghosts,
They'll drive me insane.

Tortured day and night,
All Hallows' eve grows near.
I hear their teeth gnashing,
They've homed in on my fear.

Frozen by their gaze
And absolutely aghast,
I'll forever be haunted by these...
Ghosts from the Halloween past.

07:09 AM - 31 Oct 14 via Twishort for iOS

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