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【Trans】rough and flawless, JAEJOONG ③ (anan 2019.4.17)

In the song programs, he showed his colorful and deep expressiveness from his new songs to Japanese cover songs. In the meantime, he said that he received new "awareness" from the co-starring Japanese artists.
"I thought that “a singer’s career” was short. But many Japanese singers have been working for a very long time. Moreover, they remain the same as when they were young. So I became to think that I could be a singer for my lifetime. To be honest, I do not know the future, but as long as I am healthy, I want to cherish this job of a singer.”

What do you value as a singer? I asked.
“Image training is very important. It is completely different in the studio and the stage.
When I was a rookie, it was important to do as I practiced, but now I would like to add my individuality to it. I have learned from experience that how to sing the song is more cool on the stage, so I devise myself to be able to express the song in the best possible way. Then I am careful to maintain my voice quality. My voice seems to be thin and delicate, but my original voice is thick and husky. When I was young, I was told by a producer that "Your voice would not be popular in Japan. I want you to make a more beautiful voice," then I began to practice and could become to sing like this. Now, Jaejoong reproduces the singing voice of young Jaejoong. Lol. I think that the effort of that time is connected to me now, so I want to keep this voice from now on."

While changing his mind flexibly, he always remembers to thank the fans who support him.
Such feelings are reflected in Japan's first solo album "Flawless Love" to be released on April 10.
"As a solo singer, I often sing my favorite rock and ballads, but I heard fan's opinion as "I want to see dancing Jaejoong."…In response to the request, I added a dance number to this album. It is a work that fulfills the wishes of my fans who have been waiting for a long time in Japan, not just what I want to do. Concert tour around the whole country starts from April 10th. Definitely will be fun concerts. Isn't it unusual for ”a” singer to sing dance, rock and ballads in a concert? I want to be loved by a wide audience. Lol. I also try to dance that I am not good at, so please go easy on me.

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