[I'm Your Boy Special Interview] Full Translation with Timestamp

00:41: Q: About Sunny Day Hero...
00:41: Minho: Sunny Day Hero is a song that's meant to excite.
00:47: Minho: Last time, we performed this song in our tour and the large crowd really became happy so I felt really good, too.
00:58: Minho: I think it is a song that will make you feel really good when you listen to it.

01:02: Q: What kind of person is a hero for you?
01:03: Key: (I think) that before being a hero, he's a normal quiet guy,
01:10: Key: But when he becomes a hero he goes "bang!" and becomes a new person.
01:16: Key: Like Zorro?

01:19: Q: What is your prized possession?
01:23: Key: If I say "family" it's not very interesting, isn't it? (LOL).
01:30: Key: I'm sorry. I think right now (my) prized possession is the jacket I bought recently.

02:10: Q: About Dream Girl...
02:10: Minho: Dream Girl is a song where we express the girl we want to meet "in our dreams".
02:23: Minho: I think it's really a dream-like song.
02:29: Minho: The rhythm is also very light, and we perform the song while using mic stands.

02:40: Q: About Colors of the Season
02:40: Jonghyun: The lyrics of the song are very nice.
02:44: Jonghyun: We have sung it at the concert, and the melody is beautiful.

02:53: Q: About Everybody
02:53: Taemin: For Everybody, we had Tony Testa to teach us the choreography.
03:02: Taemin: I think the performance is the important point of this song.
03:13: Taemin: It's a pop song with a fresh sound joined with an upbeat tempo.
03:19: Taemin: The electronic sound also gives it a stylish impression.
03:23: Taemin: I think if people notice that and listen to the song, fans and everyone will be pleased with it.

03:46: Q: About Boys Meet U...
03:46: Jonghyun: It's a rousing son. We sang it in the concert and Boys Meet U really is a song that makes people excited.
03:56: Jonghyun: It's a song that's perfect for summer.

04:01: Q: About 3 2 1...
04:01: Minho: I think 321 is a song that really pulls in the crowd into a dream-like state.
04:09: Minho: It's a pumped up song overflowing with energy.
04:14: Whenever you hear the phrase "3 2 1" it's like it makes you want to shout out.
04:22: Minho: I think that even first-time listeners will be charmed by this song.

04:29: Q: What is your hobby/interest/obsession these days?
04:29: Minho: I'm the type of person whose interest changes every day.
04:38: Minho: Recently, because we've been practicing "Downtown Baby" a lot, our members kept talking about it.
04:45: Minho: The dance was a different style from what we usually do and at first it was a bit awkward.
04:52: Minho: But now, everyone is excitedly looking forward to it.

05:25: Q: About Bounce...
05:25: Key: How do I say it...The song feels like something SHINee usually sings, but it's a genre different from what we've done before.
05:35: Key: For me, it's a song that's easy to sing and a song I can connect with.
05:47: Key: Like...it makes me pumped up?

05:50: Q: Do you think you've matured a lot since your debut?
05:50: Key: When I look at Taemin, I have the impression that, "Wow, he's grown a lot"
05:58: Key: But I am still like I'm 18 years old.
06:07: Key: It feels like I've stopped aging?
06:13: Key: So I don't feel like I've matured a lot at all.

06:29: Q: About Picasso...
06:30: Jonghyun: It's a song with a fun performance. Its melody seems like the song becomes the stage itself.
06:39: Jonghyun: I think it's a song that has a high potential once you see its performance or video.

06:47: Q: What color would best describe the present you?
06:47: Jonghyun: I think I would be monochromatic. Just a single color.
06:54: Jonghyun: Instead of being composed of a mixture of colors, I think (I'm) more of a single brilliant color.
07:00: Jonghyun: My bright and playful mood can be represented as yellow while my fervent/passionate mood can be represented as red. It's not like one whole color mixed with something else but instead just a single bright color--that kind of feeling.
07:11: Jonghyun: I'd like to think as such from now on.

07:31: Q: About Downtown Baby
07:31: Key: It's a song that makes our own charms known.
07:40: Key: There have been a lot of songs (by us) that makes you want to rush/run forward, but this song somehow gives the impression that makes you want to jump around.
07:47: Key: I think it is a song to be enjoyed thoroughly.

07:52: Minho: Downtown Baby is our third album's title song.
08:00: Minho: A lot of people said it expresses SHINee's colors best.
08:10: Minho: We also feel excited about it and have been practicing (the choreography) a lot.
08:17: Minho: As to why it is chosen as our title song, upon seeing the performance on stage and heard the song, I think it will be easy to know why.
08:27: Minho: I would be happy if the people would listen and watch the song a lot.

08:47: Q: About 365...
08:47: Taemin: 365 is a song which lyrics say that for 365 days, (I) will continue protecting you always.
08:53: Taemin: How to say it...it's an unusual genre.
08:57: Taemin: The melody easily flows into the ears, and while the melody and rhythm might be difficult in a sense, but that is a good way of interpretation.
09:11: Taemin: More than anything, this is a new trial for SHINee.
09:15: Taemin: I would really like it if people would definitely listen to it.

09:18: Key: "I'll think of you 365 days (a year)," the lyrics are quite impressive.
09:26: Key: When I sang it, I continuously thought of how to make my own vocal color show in the most attractive way.

09:35: Q: About Lucky Star...
09:35: Taemin: Literally, it means a star that brings fortune.
09:37: Taemin: It's a song wherein you tell your partner that they are your lucky star. It's a song that's bright and has a light melody and is very much like SHINee.
09:49: Taemin: I think it's easily understood once you see the music video. We went to Mt. Fuji to film it.
09:54: Taemin: We had a lot of memories and interesting episodes there.
10:00: Taemin: We rode a hot-air balloon, the members had driving scenes, and we ran around together with the dog.
10:06: Taemin: I think that when you see the music video and listen to the music you'll enjoy it, too.

10:11: Q: What is an item that you always have with you?
10:12: Taemin: I always wear a ring.
10:18: Taemin: It's not that I can't go on without one, it's just that it has become a habit to wear one.

10:45: Q: About Perfect 10
10:45: Jonghyun: It is fun and cute and feels like a game (song).
10:50: Jonghyun: How to say it...it's a song that, more than singing, lets you shout with everyone.
10:55: Jonghyun: Everyone can easily sing it once the melody and lyrics are learned.

11:01: Q: Do you have any episodes during recording?
11:01: Taemin: Since debut, I've only had very few rap parts.
11:05: Taemin: Recently, in the new album I had to do a bit of rapping and it was really difficult.
11:13: Taemin: That's why I took quite a long time during recording.
11:18: Taemin: In Downtown Baby, we had an English rap part that goes, "You're Downtown Baby" and it gave me a lot of trouble.
11:26: Taemin: And then in Perfect 10, we have a similar verse, the part had a rap-like rhythm, that gave me trouble, too.
11:34: Taemin: I think I should practice rapping ASAP.

12:01: Message from SHINee
12:01: Taemin: We're sorry to keep you waiting. For a while we did activities in Korea but we've always thought of our fans in Japan and our upcoming concert, too.
12:18: Taemin: More than anything, we'd like to show everyone a side of us that's superb, hard-working, and different from before.
12:22: Taemin: We know that you are always giving us unfaltering support,
12:28: Taemin: and we'll do our best with all our might so please cheer for us. Thank you very much.

12:34: Key: To every fan of SHINee in Japan,
12:37: Key: you're going to meet SHINee very soon (LOL).
12:39: Key: Please listen to our album a lot.
12:42: Key: We'll do our best, so please look forward to it. Thank you very much.

12:47: Jonghyun: We're doing our best in our rehearsals (for the concert). Please anticipate it.
12:51: Jonghyun: Let's meet at the concert.

12:55: Minho: To all our fans in Japan, it's been a while. SHINee's "I'm Your Boy" is finally released. Please anticipate it.
13:04: Minho: We're working hard with the rehearsals so that we will be able to show you a good stage performance. Please look forward to it.


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