[SEEK IV] Taemin x Key: "If I become him" Actually, they are each other's ideal image.

Key: Taemin really does his best whether in dancing or singing, and for that he's admirable!
Taemin: Key is actually a someone who cannot lie to himself and among the members he is the most honest. If I'm ever reborn I want to be Key.
Key: I want to be Taemin's body (*). If it ever happens I'll wear more varied clothes and I'll enjoy trying out various fashion styles. I can't believe he has no interest (in fashion).
Taemin: It's not that I'm not interested, it's just that I'm very interested in a lot of other things.
Key: Eh? Really? Then leave those other things behind (LOL).

Key: I am envious of Taemin's model-like style.
Taemin: I want to be an honest person like Key.

(t/n: On a more correct note, Key said he wants to have Taemin's body. But "I want to be Taemin's body" is the direct translation of what he said.)

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