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I feel again the need to make another longer tweet this time on Corbyn's stance on brexit as he words ar not getting though

He is committed to brexit and that is not really the question because he like me who voted to remain accepts the result of brexit referendum why? because that is the will of citizens and the result call it democracy if you will

The question everyone is NOT does he support brexit or not but who will offer the best path to exiting who has the right set of policies post brexit to sustain the fallout that might come after we leave.

Art 50 has been triggered so is happening whether May or Corbyn wins the General Election but May will steam ahead at any cost and is willing to cause much harm and damage with her Great Repeal Bill do you really think that the populace will survive the fallout given the state of the nation with weak foundations indeed not only the most wealthy will her set if if you like

She does not care about the majority of the populace as 7 years of her legislation has categorically proved.

Corbyn however will go into it laying the foundations for us as his manifesto proves and will be implemented as brexit talks progress, bringing the better pay, workers rights, ending zero hours etc etc everything in his manifesto is laying the foundations to a better brexit for us all the many not the few

I suggest those who have not read the draft do so now and think of it in conjunction of brexit and how it affects you



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