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Performance in Haru no Pon! Matsuri 2015 ♪

Hello, everyone in SHINee World J~!

The members performed yesterday in Nippon TV's 「Haru no PON! Matsuri 2015」!
Despite that the information about the performance was released on the day itself, a lot of viewers assembled ^^.

Actually, when the members were in the dressing room, they had little idea of what was going on outside, and when they went up on stage and saw that there were a lot of people and many came from different places to cheer for them, they were very surprised~!

According to someone from Nippon TV, they haven't experienced such gathering of fans until now! The members also turned here and there in order to wave their hands as well as bow to everyone.

Even though the wind was blowing a bit so it was chilly, it didn't rain (LOL) and all five songs were performed without problems~!

SHINee were so close to the audience that they could even see their facial expressions. It was, once more, a different experience from Tokyo Dome so the members had a lot of fun ^^. Hearing everyone's united shouts also seemed to raise their spirits!

Thank you very much for the support!!

[t/n: There is a slight jab at the "rain" part, because SHINee are called in Japan as ame-otoko, aka the men who bring rain with them wherever they go. Most events/filming/shoots SHINee had in Japan were held during sudden rainy days :).]

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