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[Word for word Q&A TRANS5] Starmedia Team Met Actor #김재중: Korean Cuisine Chef Kim Jaejoong wants to have a thrilling date with a chubby girl!

Movement 4: Kim Jaejoong and a sofa waiting for its customer in a suite

S: You are originally from city of Gongju of Chunganam Province (about 1 ½~2 hour drive south of Seoul).

J: Yes. I came to Seoul alone when I was 16.

S: You must have been lonely without your family at such a young age.

J: I lived alone for a long time since I did that from when I was 16. Honestly, I feel really lonely even now. But it would be difficult to live with someone, feels like I have to care and do something for that person constantly. (Laugh.)

S: Do you welcome your friends when they sleep over at your place?

J: If they sleep over, I have to spend a whole they for them. (Laugh.) I feel like I need to cook breakfast for them and pack them something when they leave. (Laugh.) I am worried that would feel lonely when they leave.

S: Who is lonely exactly?

J: Me. I feel lonely 100% after they leave. I don't want them to leave and I express my feeling that way. But if they say they want to stay for days, it will feel uncomfortable for me.

S: Is there a unique friend?

J: Jang Geunseok! We get along really well. We drink together and both have emotional ups and downs. (Laugh.) Geunseok has faster and greater emotional swings but we are similar and understand each other when we are up and when we feel a little blue. We try to accommodate each other’s feelings. But he doesn't like to exercise…(Laugh.)

S: You are both busy so it must be hard to hang out together often.

J: We live very close to each other so we do hang out a lot. He is always active and energetic. I usually call him when I feel a little lonely, and he listens to me and we end up having lots of fun. He gives me energy.

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