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The rehearsal has ended safely and the members are currently preparing the venue.
During the rehearsal, the machines needed were also prepared so there was a bit of time for rest and Taemin...

He is currently sitting down and taking a break ^-^
On the stage, the rest of the members are chatting and doing some reconfirming (*), and Taemin sits and watches them intently ☆

(1) The term exactly means "reconfirming/reaffirming/revalidating, so I'm not sure which word to use, but it technically means they're doing last minute talks on what they'll do on stage ^^;.

* screencap by i_miss_u_JH
* transcribed/translated by keihissi
* please do not copy/screencap/repost without permission
* if translating to another language, please do not remove any of the credits/disclaimer and pls link back to this post, thanks!

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