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WHO STOLE THE SOUTH'S GOLD at the end of the US Civil War?

Judah P. Benjamin Stole The Gold

In 1865, Jefferson Davis entrusted Jewish Confederate Secretary of the Treasury, Judah P. Benjamin, with all the remaining gold in the Confederate Treasury, on the condition that Benjamin should run the blockade, take the gold to England, invest it, and use the proceeds to assist needy Confederate veterans, widows and orphans. Benjamin reached England in safety with the gold, which then promptly and completely disappeared. [See: Hoggan, DAS BLINDE JAHRHUNDERT, pp. 581-2].

Not a penny was ever seen again, not even when the State of Mississippi dedicated 20% of the State budget to the purchase of artificial arms and legs for Civil War veterans.
[See: THE BONDAGE OF THE FREE: THE STORY OF CIVIL RIGHTS by Kent Steffgen, p. 97, citing, in turn, THE ANGRY SCAR by Hodding Carter, p. 43].

Perhaps this should have taught the citizens of the United States a lesson??

With typical Jewish chutzpah, Benjamim said, "A river runs between these men and me: a river of blood and time and liquid gold." Other people's gold, course!

Judah Philip Benjamin was born a British subject in 1811 in Saint Croix, to Phillip Benjamin, a Sephardi Jew, and his wife, Rebecca de Mendes, a Sephardi Jew whose family was from Spain. In 1824, he attended Fayetteville Academy in North Carolina, and at the age of fourteen he entered Yale Law School. In 1832 he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he married into a rich family and became a slave owner, and established a sugar plantation in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Confederate President Davis appointed Benjamin to be the first Attorney General of the Confederacy on February 25, 1861, remarking later that he chose him because he "had a very high reputation as a lawyer, and my acquaintance with him in the Senate had impressed me with the lucidity of his intellect, his systematic habits, and capacity for labor." Benjamin has been often referred to as "the Brains of the Confederacy."
After Robert E. Lee's surrender, Judah P. Benjamin fled south with Jefferson Davis.

Benjamin Flees To London
In 1866, he was found in London, a attorney employed by the Rothschilds. He died on May 6, 1884, and was interred at Père Lachaise cemetery.

The Rothschild under the guise of the Knights of the Golden Circle and others orchestrated the US Civil War, to EXPAND slavery across the entire United States.....
They were the War Profiteers, and when the South was wrecked they slithered in as the Carpetbaggers and ravished plantations and more across the South...


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