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Vienna Airport Fan Account of #김재중 Original English Text


Jaejoong was seriously surprised by our respectful behavior and laughed really loudly.
I cannot believe this. On our way to the airport, we all met by coincidence. We had a really hard time finding out when he’s going to leave since we aren’t really experienced in this whole K-idols stalking business. In the end, I found out by asking his photographer on Instagram but we still couldn’t reach all the fans :( So we were only 15.
Well on our way, we decided to show him a LOT of respect. We swore we wouldn’t scream around and if, we are going to more say than scream something together.
When we arrived we’d come up with another idea. Let’s all stand in a row AND GREET HIM WITH BOWING. He ran into the wrong class for check in 2 times and we kept quiet but were almost bursting inside. Wow. And then he was in the first class check in and he hadn’t noticed us yet and we all went “Anyong-haseyo!” AND BOWED IN FRONT OF 50 KOREAN PASSENGERS.
You could really see his VIP-DIVA-IDOL FACE SLIPPING OFF AND THEN HE LAUGHED. AND LAUGHED. And then made that video. He was soooo cute waving us from behind the phone! We were just like “Whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat” And then he showed us cutely on his phone what he did and we just had to scream and he smiled omgggg.
Afterwards we sent two Korean-speakers of us to ask if we could have a group photo. He looked like he wanted to but wasn’t allowed to. We weren’t allowed to take photos at all so we didn’t. His reaction was extremely cute and then his phone fell on the floor and one of the two picked it up OMG!! But he was talking with his managers and he was pointing at us… I kind of feel like he wanted to let us have autographs when there’s time.
Some of us were bringing presents to him too and sometimes he looked at us and smiled. I held up a drawing I made and I swear he looked at it and then I started to wiggle it and smile at him and he smiled back!
They took looooong with the check in so we got to look at him for 40 minutes and we kept really calm all the time. There were some Chinese fans and we strictly told them that there were no photographs allowed and that they had to keep quiet.
When they finally went past us, we backed off another 2 meters and he started saying goodbye before us!! And he waved a lot and even when he passed us he turned around and said goodbye, laughed and waved.
I think he was happy.
Please be respectful to your idols, I know it’s hard but having them smile and laugh is so much better than any autograph or picture you can get.

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