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One thing Keir Starmer's approach to being leader of the Labour party can show us is that the problems we are experiencing, and the bigger ones to come, are deeply embedded and structural, not the type that the tedious process of a demo­cratic vote every few years can change.
The problem is that those who take the helm, as it were, regardless of political stripe, all have pretty much the same agenda. That's been the case since Blair. And they will be ruthless in destroying any chance someone with a better agenda to benefit ALL of us has of ever seeing it come to pass.
This is what happens when the 'opposition' is allocated because of their place as part of an ideological elite - rather than necessarily an economic one.
Basically the opposition is the one the Establishment have permitted us to have. Because maintaining the status quo suits them best. Now the corruption is laid bare, there is only us that can ever change it. And that takes a lot of work.
Look at the US. Many are pleased Biden won. But he's not even remotely left wing. He's a social and economic Conservative. That's how far right the Overton window has shifted. We're grateful for more of the same, but just a little less brutal.
WE really do have to pay more attention, and above all, fight back. It's going to get much harder, because I really fear the worst is yet to come.

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