[Apink Interview for Haruhana Aug. 2014] EUNJI

Name: Jung Eunji
Birthdate: August 18, 1993
Blood type: B
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Shoe size: 24.0~24.5 cm
Special skill: singing
Favorite food: shaved ice with milk
Hated food: sundae bok-eum (stir friend intestine sausage with vegetables)
Favorite color: black, blue, red
Unique habits: none
Current favorite music: trot
Favorite hangout (in Korea): dorm, practice room
Current interest: filming for a drama
Childhood dream: to become a singer

Q1: I am the number 1 _____ in Apink!
A1: Sleeper! (the one who sleeps the most)

Q2: What is your ideal type?
A2: Someone who has a cute smiling face. Someone who is sincere and honest. Someone I can converse with.

Q3: What is the thing you last do before you go to sleep and the thing you first do upon waking up?
A3: The last thing I do before I sleep is read the script for my drama "Trot Lovers". The first thing I do upon waking up is brushing my teeth.

Q4: Since debut, what is the happiest thing that has happened to you?
A4: Debuting as a member of Apink.

Q5: What are you best 3 favorites among the Apink songs?
A5: 1) No No No. 2) Sunday Monday 3) Fairytale Love

Q6: Even though you did not become a vocal trainer, why did you want to be a vocal trainer instead of a singer?
A6: Honestly, before I thought that more than singing onstage, enjoying and evaluating the performance of a singer on stage is a better feeling. Apart from that, I thought that I want to be able to enjoy singing the songs I like. Also, I thought that it must be nice to see the form of an important person (to you) singing the song they received (from you). I thought it was something that gives a feeling of satisfaction.

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