Matthew kiichichaos Heafy

This video is extremely weird but I think it has a meaning and I might know what it is. Let's break this down.
-The Old People Playing The Song: I believe this section, as well as the whole video represents what some Trivium fans think whenever the band comes out with new stuff. So many people have been saying that they "miss the old Trivium" and that's exactly what this video provides; an old Trivium.
-The Old People Dancing: These people represent these very same fans. The people who sit around and complain about how Trivium's new music is bad and prefer to jam out to the old Trivium. Old people often have trouble accepting new things, especially music.
-The Weird Dude Hugging The Picture Of Washington: I believe this also represents the inability to let go of the past. He's hugging the picture and seems to be very happy with it. He probably wouldn't be very happy if someone was to take it from him and give him a new one.
-The Arm Wrestling: This could represent the overcoming of obstacles that others cannot. The big guy represents Matt Heafy's intensity; his screaming that people miss so much. The other guys can't get over him but Matt managed to beat him.
-The Real Trivium: The real Trivium is seen preforming random activities instead of playing. This could show that they don't care about the backlash and would much rather do what they want instead of the traditional things that people expect from them.

- Nathan S.

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