[TRANS] 151007 Jonghyun - Monthly Live Connection

Monthly Live Connection chose the musician to make the program with. When he/she is chosen, he/she gets connected with his/her friends and makes music together in one month.
They later have a live stage to show the audience what they produced.

Jonghyun and Joonyoung's relationship is,
Jonghyun introduced Joonyoung as 'ENEMY' and
Joonyoung described Jonghyun as 'PAWN' (which means Jonghyun is really fun to make fun of)
They are like Tom and Jerry - so close and comfy with each other.

The production crew said
"In this program, Jonghyun will be shown as an artist with many genre, please look forward his new musical challenge that he makes with his friends."

1st broadcast: 10/07

source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000528425&lfrom=twitter

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