First Manhattan (9/11) then Berlin (6/26) this coming Sunday - for opening of women's world cup

The evidence is shockingly overwhelming. Anybody who has studied differences between official and unofficial interpretations of 9/11 knows:

* there were people who had been forewarned
* the organisations responsible were secret services such as CIA & Mossad
* such operations are called 'false flag attacks' or 'state terrorism'.

Now comes the World Cup in women's football to Berlin on Sunday, 26 June 2011, 6pm and a few 'awakened individuals' share what they know:

1. Dedicated Philip Mikras on publishes - as a most comprehensive site

2. Most knowledgeable solicitor Torsten van Geest dictates 405 pages of a 'preliminary injunction order' against Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, and the Minister of the Interior for Berlin, Ehrhart Koerting, accusing them of not protecting the population from foreign secret services.

3. Another dedicated solicitor Dominik Storr contacts the President of the Federal Criminal Agency. Only in German, he asks the following questions:
-- were you quoted correctly by the paper "World on Sunday"?
-- if yes, which terror attacks are in the cupboard and why are citizens not informed about them?
-- has your office taken note of a number of Hollywood films and especially "Make Yourself: Lira's Manifesto" contains clear hints of a bomb explosion on the occasion of the world cup? [ I publish them on ]

Furthermore, there are a number of fundamental questions regarding:
* the 'recent death' of Osama bin Laden
* the possibility of a detonation of the World Trade Center
* witness statements alone deny the official version about 9/11
* live images of 9/11 were presumably manipulated
* on what basis are Islamic terrorists being suspected?
* why are you not considering 'state terrorism'?

4. A German analysis of the video images is uploaded on 16 June by 'siccsauer'

It is entitled "MegaRitual 26.06.2011 Lira's Manifesto & The symbolism of a 'Stadium Inferno': state terrorism in Berlin. Here are the translations of the German texts:
-- hinting at the symbol of the NATO terror organisation GLADIO
-- "world watch out - for we are getting into power!"
-- pointing to an explosion
-- hinting at Chemtrails for reducing the population
-- showing a pentagram
-- BANG explosion
-- a nuclear mushroom or skull?
-- a building on Warsaw where a gas explosion happened on 15.02.1979
-- this is a numerological hint at 26.06.2011
-- football is broadcast on TV
-- a man is crying - after the attack?
-- spots of blood
-- panic is setting in
-- fire?
-- explosion
-- terrified faces
-- a nuclear pressure wave?
-- people are burning
-- the stadium collapses
-- more explosions
-- military signalling torches
-- The Reichstag: other targets?

Furthermore, there are these subliminally embedded images that are barely perceptible:
* somebody runs up some stairs - flight?
* a woman looking sad - without her left arm
* broadcasting is stopped
* an unknown person in victory pose - was the attack successful?
* a woman wearing black - as in an event of mourning.

5. The site Berlin Terror Attack on 26 June 2011 at 07:17pm specialises in analysing three Simpsons series and the movie Knowing.

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First Manhattan (9/11) then Berlin (6/26) this coming Sunday - for opening of women's world cup

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