From DC:

A fan asked "Didn't the salesperson say anything when you go into the stores to buy the album 'WWW'?
I haven't even fully stepped in when the salesperson asked 'Buying Kim Jae Joong?' Then immediately paid for it, took the album and left..."
Some replies to her:
1) You smiled too much when you went in is it?
2) You must have drooled at his poster.
3) Your forehead carved 'KIM JAE JOONG'!
4) Control your expression please.
5) You must be eyeing the 'blink blink gold' area when you go in.
6) You must have blushed when you went in.
7) For me, I paid my money, grab the album and left while the salesperson behind me shouted "Hey! Your change!"
8) I told the salesperson "Give me Kim Jae Joong."
9) I told the salesperson "Give me."

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