[SHINee] 150313 All Night Nippon Gold - Transcript PART 3

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31:34 to 35:00

DJ: And we're back with SHINee's All Night Nippon Gold. A lot of mail had come so let's read some of them. This one is from Tomomino-san.

Jonghyun: Tomomino~

DJ: She said, "During the Fukuoka concert, Minho imitated Pikachu and it was the best. For the sake of the fans who haven't heard that yet, would you please do your Pikachu imitation again?

Key: Pikachu...

Jonghyun: Try doing Pikachu now.

Taemin: Did they mean "Picasso" by Pikachu?

Key: No, no.

Jonghyun: Ah not Picasso. They mean Pikachu as in from Pokemon.

Key: Try doing it, try it.

Mnho: Pikachu.

SHINee: ....LOL

Jonghyun: I'm sorry, that was rude.

Minho: I'm sorry.

Onew: Eh, that's all?

Minho: Pi~ Ka~ Chuuuuu

Key: ...Are you done?

DJ: Key-san just...hung his head halfway through.

Taemin: It's difficult to react to this.

Key: That time, it wasn't as embarrassing as this!

Key: I guess because of the atmosphere?

Jonghyun: Yeah the atmosphere.

Taemin: And then Onew-san was like, "Uhm, Since it's Minho-san, let's clap."

Jonghyun: Applause~.

Minho: Ah, please. Thank you.

Jonghyun: You did well.

Key: That was good.

MC: Then let's continue. This one is from Lulu-san.

Jonghyun: Lulu-san? Lulululu~

DJ: Among the SHINee members, who is the one who doesn't know anything about a woman's heart at all.

Jonghyun: Woman's heart? Ah. Who's the one who doesn't know about women at all.

Key: Who would it be?

Jonghyun: I wonder...Onew-kun, who do you think it is?

Onew: I think it's me.

Key: Ah, really.

Jonghyun: I see.

Taemin: Why?

Onew: I just feel it.

Jonghyun: You just feel that it's you?

Taemin: That might be true.

Jonghyun: Yeah. Taemin-kun, what about you?

Taemin: As for me, well...in my family, the only woman is my mother so..

Jonghyun: Ah, is that so?

Key: If the only woman is your mother, then...

Jonghyun: That's right, too.

DJ: Then Jonghyun-san...

Jonghyun: Ah, but I have a sister. So I...

Taemin: ..know women well?

Jonghyun: Know very well.

SHINee: Ohh!!

Jonghyun: Roo is also female. So I know them very well.

DJ: So, it seems that there are more in you who don't know women well and the one who knows women well is Jonghyun-san.

Jonghyun: Yes. Wooh! I'm a knowing person!

Onew: Congratulations!

DJ: Well, we're almost reaching an hour in this program so how was it for you? How do you think you're doing in the radio show so far?

Onew: Are we okay?

Key: But really, how are we doing?

DJ: At first you all seem nervous? How about now?

Jonghyun: We're still nervous.

DJ: Really?

Key: We're nervous even now. But it's fun.

DJ: Ah, is that so?

Key: Yes. Thank your for everything until now.

Jonghyun: It was really fun. If we have another opportunity...

DJ: We still have 30 minutes to go!

Jonghyun: 30 minutes more!

DJ: Yes, please take care of us. After this we'll be having a special interview. Please look forward to it. then for our next song, this is request of mine. Well, it was hard choosing a song because SHINee has a lot of lovely songs but I thought that SHINee's cool side and lovely side meets in this song. This is "The SHINee World".

Onew: The SHINee World?

DJ: Yes. Well then, please listen to "The SHINee World."

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* transcript/translation: keihissi
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