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[Full TRANS] JYJ member #김재중 and actress Go Seonghi are finalized as male and female leads for KBS's new drama Spy. http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=004&oid=215&aid=0000226603

Kim Jaejoong will play Seonwu, a genius NIS NK Intelligence Analyst with brilliant brain and superb observational skills, and Go Seonghi is Yunjin, an office worker who has a secret in Spy(Written by Han Sangwun/Yi Gang, Directed by Bak Hyeonseok). They will play lovers.

Spy is an adaptation of an Israeli drama MICE. It is a story about an ordinary housewife mother who has a hidden past. Her son finds it out, and she has to hang her life on the line. Family members who love each other dearly must deceive each other. This is a drama with a brand new concept: Family-Spy Thriller.

Seonwu played by # 김재중 is exceptionally smart and possesses superb analytical skills. He is very professional at work but is ever warm and sweet in front of his family and lover. Jaejoong will portray two extreme charms of Seonwu. Kim Jaejoong proved himself as an actor through MBC's Triangle, Dr. Jin and SBS's Protect the Boss. Viewers are highly interested in what charms he has in stored for his next project.

Go Seonghi's character Yunjin looks calm and innocent from outside but is living with a secrete she can't share with anybody. She had been praised for her acting in dramas like MBC's Nightwatchman and Miss Korea and movies.

Kim Jaejoong and Go Seonghi are expected to portray a heart fluttering romance as lovers. Viewers are excited about the birth of a visually stunning couple and their sweet romance.

Kim Jaejoong commented, "I really wanted to do this drama because the fresh topic of the drama and the attractive character. I am excited about co-starring with actors whom I have great respect for. And he added, "Spy is based on the original MICE and will be fast paced, and the topic is very interesting. I would proudly recommend it to people who enjoy American TV series."

Go Seonghi said, " I'm excited and nervous at the same time since this is my first appearance in KBS. I will do my best to be mysterious in the drama since Yunjin has a secrete so viewers become more curious. Yunjin holds a lot of pain inside her. Please embrace her and give her a lot of love."

#Spy is KBS's ambitious new Friday Miniseries and will air every Friday from 9:20PM to 11:00 PM. Two 50 minute episodes will be aired back to back.

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