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[Trans | Yoon Chan Young Character Intro | cr. 十二月的苏打雨] //Let's celebrate Minhykkie's return to the small screen today^^//

Yoon Chan Young (18) / played by Kang Min Hyuk

Chan Young's happiness index is very high. Mom passed away too early, he couldn't even remember her looks. But he has Dad. A dad whom he would not tired of even if they live together for 100 years, a dad who's like a friend. Placing first in class never eluded Chan Young even though he does not need tuition. He is very blissful even though he is not a rich heir. Born optimistic and kind, Chan Young is able to face reality contentedly and knows when to chase after his goals. Indeed, a pretty good man.

Since a young age, Dad taught him to write proposals for whatever he wishes to get. Under this special tutelage, Chan Young has written more than 30 proposals since young... "Reasons for buying Pikachu", "How a smartphone can benefit Yoon Chan Young" etc... As such, Chan Young became good at analysis, is logical and is is a master at persuasion.

However, he got caught up in the differences between social classes after transferring high school. He is a poor man in Empire High School even if his Dad is the right-hand man to the Chairman of Empire Group. Nonetheless, Chan Young does not feel ashamed. His optimism and cheerfulness made the kids at Empire High open up to him. Chan Young is good at expressing his feelings. And his feelings touched the arrogant Bo Na.

Bo Na likes everything about Chan Young. Except for one thing. She cannot stand Chan Young's relationship with Eun Sang. Chan Young and Eun Sang, who have been together since elementary schhol through junior high. They have the ideal friendship. And of course, Bo Na does not identify with it.

Chan Young was attending language class in the USA during vacation when he suddenly received Eun Sang's phone call. Eun Sang's sudden appearance in the USA threw Chan Young off. And to add to it, that guy with Eun Sang.

The second young master of Empire Group, the legendary bad boy, Kim Tan. Why was Kim Tan with Eun San? Chan Young has a bad premonition.

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