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【Trans】#ジェジュン Brava!!Brava!!Brava!!  Lylics 

                Lyrics: Hiromasa Ijichi 

What do you want?
I want you!!

I try to unsettle your future
I eager to get your Beautiful Eyes
Full of wants to Missin’
Nothing without you
Turn your wet eyes toward me

Fall in love is Destiny
I will not give you to anyone
I get you who are dazzling and sparkling

※I love you, My Love, “YES!!”
For you, Brava!!Brava!!Brava!!
Accept my solid love
Wanna take your heart!! “YES!!”
Wonderful! Brava!!Brava!!Brava!!
I want to fulfill your dream
Wanna get you! Wanna be your man!!!
Live the way you want! Be proud!

The crystals of tears you shed
Will eventually make the desired flower bloom
Two Hearts are attracted to each other
Reason why we met
That's because I protect you
Proffer your beautiful hand to me
Let's fly together beyond the rainbow

Only you! “Yes!!”
All the time, Brava!!Brava!!Brava!!
I'll always beside you and cheer for you
Can you get my love? “YES!!”
Forever! Brava!!Brava!!Brava!!
I will protect your smile forever
Wanna get you! Wanna be your man!!!
I will not let you go
Even the night you were hurt

Even if the darkness covers the world
I emit a ray of light
I illuminate you, so follow me
Wow Wow Wow


I want you!!

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